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  1. i've been on accutane for about 2 months. great results. my skin looks remarkable and people let me know almost every week. i dont visit the site as often
  2. Stupid me. I don't know how I lost my pills - but I did. I lost 10 pills of my accutane. Is there a way for me to get replacement pills without a cavity search, criminal background check, and 12 month wait?
  3. I've noticed that my face does not flake anymore and I sometimes can go a day without moisturizing. I am on my second month of accutane. Has anyone shared the same experience? Does my experience mean I need a bump up in dosage?
  4. i also took tetracycline. tetracycline was my first experience getting a prescription from a dermatologist. i didnt like the fasting requirements of tetracycline so he suggested minocycline. minocycline was very effective for about 5 months. he gave me a 1 year prescription and asked that i call him with any problems. i sympathize with your frustration about not being able to afford a dermatologist. if you are on an hmo, have you considered talking it over with your primary physician?
  5. thanks for the replies. when should i expect it? after the first month ---am i free from the ib? my doc did mention it but he also said that i may not get it.
  6. COuld you tell us more about your experience?
  7. this side effect terrifies me - my hair isnt that thick to begin with.
  8. hi: i just wanted to thank everyone for answering all my questions about accutane. it's been one full week and i have experienced unbelievable results. my skin has never looked so good and everyone around me has noticed that i just look "different" ---i think they are just too polite to say --"no more zits!" anyways, i know some people won't believe me, but really, my complexion looks that much better in just one week! i even have pictures to document it. wow! unbelievable! my confidence is
  9. hi: my dermatologist said that he has seen dramatic success with tazorac...so much, that one of his colleagues prescribes tazorac over accutane. i know it's not a prscription pill...but i hope this helps.
  10. Can minocycline cause weight gain or facial bloating? I've been looking for some of this info on the net. ANyone know?
  11. thanks - nothing to be jealous about. i am 27 and still struggling with acne!
  12. I get my prescription tonight. I am kind of scared of what's to come.