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  1. but diet does affect your hormones and that inturn affects your acne. Just in the same way food/blood sugar affects a diabetic. If you've tried most things the dermatologist has suggested without success perhaps its time to try something else. You can be refferred by your doctor and get your hormones/insulin/allergies tested...the results might help improve your skin condition. i'm 30 tired everything possible for acne - antibiotics, face washes, fash lamps but to my surprise, treating my s
  2. did camping actually include spending more time in the fresh air, sleeping in draftier conditions than a bedroom? I read a thread about air conditioned rooms/enviorments help reduce acne/cos the bacteria/oxygen effect...might be something to do with it, rather than food consumption alone.
  3. i take zinc 35mg, a multi vit which has abit of zinc in, b complex which has 50mg of the b5 stuff in it, fish oil, cod liver oil which has a smidge of evening primrose oil in it. All in all 5 tablets every morning with my breaky. And for the first time in ten years i am acne free i hope it lasts.
  4. yep agree with dawn take it with others and with food. i take a multivit, zinc, fish oil, cod liver oil and b complex. clear for the first time in over ten years. hopefully i will continue to be clear.
  5. if vitamins is herbal then thats whats worked best for me. slightly ironic cos i've always dismissed the idea that vitamins work as well as pescription drugs. If i could start again at 16 with acne i'd probably try everything else on that list before vitamins. When i had other illness and tried to tried vitamins and it did nothing - there are so many of them and they all claim to help in one way or another for all kinds of ailments i just didnt think it would help at all. I think the key for v
  6. i'm also endeared to the company that thinks acne sufferes are 'vein' - i didnt know there was a topical cream for vanity. Perhaps they sell stupid pills too.
  7. Eowyn, if they wont discuss the treatment you want, ask to be refferred to an endocrinologist - they do all the hormone/pcos tests i believe.
  8. i went to the doctor for my skin when i was 21 - i'm now 30. i realised that most people my age were getting over their acne while mine was getting worse. I was pescribed all different kinds of antibiotics that didnt do anything for me infact made me feel worse...and my doctor told me there was no other alternatives. I was watching 'this morning' a few years ago and saw some girl talk about her acne and laser treatment and how it helped...and the gp there said any girl getting acne over the a
  9. Has your routine changed at all andy? eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, bathing/washing? do you take any other vitamins with the b5? If you dont perhaps taking b complex, zinc, fish and olive oil might help the initial success continue?
  10. she might have poly cystic overies thats causing her acne. if she wants she could ask to be referred to a endocrinologist to check if this is the cause of her problems and see what they say. They might have a different solution to antibiotics. As she's coming to the end of another bout of accutane - and as antibiotics damage the immune system - i'd suggest to her taking some vitamins to help first of all boost her immune system. There's a thread in holistic treatments for acne that detail the
  11. well if your looking for natural. Aloe vera gel with tea tree is good. Good for burns and acne.
  12. you can buy an acne lamp online, ebay. There's a thread about the different types, and how other acne sufferers have faired with them. Its hard to describe the effect and i'm sure its different for each person and the severity of their acne. I found my skin felt different within a week of usage - less spots under the surfance of my skin and spots that i'd already picked at seemed to heal quicker with the lamp. However it took several months of daily usage before i had real sustained success.
  13. hey, i'm 30 and have had acne since i was 16. My acne was on my forehead, chin, jawline, around my nose, on my nose and i had a bit of bacne. My self esteem shot to pieces. I went to the doctor at 21 and asked for help and thus began a course of antibiotics for the next few years. I tried tablets and facewashes galore. None of them helped. I made aloads of mistakes, washing too much, applying too much bp, and picking. i also got some things right as my acne on forehead, jawline, nose area reduc
  14. several possible routes to take. could try light therapy or try a variety of vitamins.
  15. going to try a natural remedie of vitamins to cure my acne. i hear multivitamins arent as effective so what vitamins would you recommend and what dosage. I just bought some zinc - 25mg. fish oil cod liver oil(with evening primrose) vitimin b complex anything else you'd recomend?