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  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I don't really eat too much nuts and grains, nuts are in the raw trail mix I have but that's about it. I'll definitely keep that in mind though if there doesn't seem to be any improvement. Thanks for the salt tip, I forgot about that. I know a lot of people use sea salt. I'm planning on going to a Trader Joe's tomorrow for groceries so I'll grab some. Onto today's food: Breakfast: banana supplements water Snack: iced green tea slice of banana loaf (starbucks, pro
  2. Alright, so today's food, I think I did pretty good today. Breakfast: supplements water banana Snack: iced green tea slice of zucchini loaf Lunch: progresso weight watcher's vegetable soup apple honey and oats granola bar water Snack: raw trail mix (consists of sunflower seeds, raisins, almonds, dark chocolate, and some other nuts too I think, all unsalted) Dinner: white rice (will switch to brown next time I buy) chicken breast sauteed onions (will buy zucchini to add in) pickle (I was sti
  3. Okay, so I basically finally started this log as a way to force myself to stick to something. (There's much more shame if you have to write about it later!) I haven't been a huge poster on this board, but I've been around this boards for years now reading everything I can. Quick background: 24 year old female, have had acne since about 13 or so. Had the typical teenage acne, went to derms and tried everything, moderate success but never clear skin. Have been on and off pro-activ again with mod
  4. I think the toner actually made my skin worse. The first couple of days I used just the soap and my skin improved immensely. Then I added the toner and over the period of about one and a half weeks my skin just got worse and worse, it hadn't looked this bad in a while. So eventually I did away with the toner, kept the soap, and incorporated some of my older products. Now I'm using the soap with the CC blackhead clearing scrub and my face is SO much better after just three days or so. So I say
  5. Update again, okay so last week my skin was horrid. I could not be in front of a mirror without just staring at my skin, I had acne in places I normally don't, I was really oily, and my pores were huge. So, in desperation, I changed it up. I decided to do away with the toner since I remembered my skin reacting very nicely before I got the toner. I still wanted to use the soap as I just so much wanted it to work for me. The first night I changed it I used the soap and then BP gel afterwards. Th
  6. I did get the medicated St. Ives scrub that has SA in it (I always feel safe if there's SA even though I know the other ingredients can be horrible.) I used it last night, decided to go without the Burt Bees soap and just use the scrub, I didn't want to freak out my skin, but then did apply the toner afterwards. It didn't seem to cause any adverse effects, I had no new breakouts this morning, but my skin did feel smoother and looked a bit clearer. I'm thinking of using the scrub only 2-3 times a
  7. Update from me: Well, I suppose it's been about two and a half weeks for me on it, and I'm sad to report I'm not quite as happy as I was. I've started breaking out in places I normally don't, and while the zits stay small and go away rather quickly, I wish they wouldn't come up at all. But I suppose beggers can't be choosers eh? I'm sticking to the soap and toner, perhaps it's a delayed break-out? Did anybody else experience break-outs about two weeks in? And did it then get better? Also, I ha
  8. Update from me: Well, it's about the fourth day using the soap and I went and got the toner and have been using that for about three days with it. I am still very much impressed. I haven't gotten an initial breakout, just a few coming to a head here and there, but then they go away quickly. Existing acne is still shrinking and I can't wait for the morning when I wake up and find them gone! I guess the ultimate test will be what happens around the monthly fun time, see if it actually stops any
  9. Meb

    Trying it Again.

    Update. Okay, so I swore I was going to do a day-to-day update and after the first couple of days things were going well. But then it looked like I was at a stalemate and I was getting really large cystic-like zits when normally I just get stubborn smaller ones. Cue the disappointment. But I told myself, okay, we just started something new, there has to be an adjustment period, you know, all that pep talk shit I'm sure most of you have done. Then I read about Burt's Bees tomato complexion s
  10. Wow. I discovered this thread about a week ago and have been mulling the thought over since then. I had just started a brand new regimen though and wanted to give it a chance to work, but then I had to go to the store yesterday and noticed a Whole Foods store right next to it. I thought, what the hell, and went in and got the soap. Dear sweet Lord. When I read about the "immediate" results, I was quite skeptical. I'm in that boat of, wow I should have grown out of acne by now and I've had it
  11. Okay, so I stumbled across this site about six months ago, started reading all the goodness collected in here, and immediately ordered some BP gel and started a regimen. However, general laziness and the normal reactions to BP gel (redness, dryness, et al) caused me to be not quite so consistent. Now, I'm ready to give it another go. First, a little background information, I'm a month away from turning 21, female, and have been suffering from acne since I was about 12. I've gone through the d
  12. First off, congrats on the progress and I hope things work out better for you. I've never tried Accutane (though I probably should) so hopefully the fatigue is just a temporary side effect? Anyway, I am dying to ask what your makeup regimen is. If I could get my makeup to look like that I wouldn't care what the hell was going on underneath, your skin looks flawless. And it looks like you have the same skin problems I do, not a lot of active zits but a heck of a lot of redmarks. Keep at it tho
  13. I just bought the Palladio loose powder (yes I was desperately perusing makeupalley too) and I must say I am quite excited to use it tomorrow. I don't want to try it tonight because I want a fresh face and such. So I'll let you know how the loose powder goes, and if it works well I might have to go pick up the wet/dry pressed powder. I tried Studio Fix but didn't care for it due to it not having very good staying powder and it wipes off way too easily. Here's to hoping!