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  1. Hi, I started using Retin-A Micro 0.04% for about 2 months already and I noticed a big change with my acne scars. Although I am not sure if it's just time doing it's job because I never bothered to monitor how my skin heals since I never had a bad acne breakout till now. But anyways the acne marks are still visible but fading, I was wondering to those of you who have success with RAM, how long did it take for your marks to completely disappear or about non existent? I heard it was about 6 months
  2. I think it's impossible, even when you don't mean to touch it you're bound to rub on the pimple when you wash your face, which will still irritate it. What I fucking hate is every pimple I get turns to a red mark and when I try not to touch it it still scars. What the hell do you do??
  3. I want to fade my red marks, hyperpigmentations and some minor depressed scars. What is the best peel for it? What are the differences between the three? Thanks!
  4. What can I do about the minor scars? Are they severe? I've read about TCA peels and etc, should I try those?
  5. What do I have? Are they red marks, macules, PIH, or true scars? Is it treatable? What can I do to get rid of it?? They used to be really red but now they're kind of brown and a little indented. I am so disgusted to even look at it. Please can anyone help?
  6. BP doesn't work for me. All it does is dry out my skin and make it peel. So in the morning I'll have all these flaky dead skin that are red and irritating and it doesn't do anything for my pimple. Salicylic acid doesn't do anything either. My skin isn't as bad as the severe ones but every pimple I have leave noticeable red marks that takes forever to go away. So while I wait for them to fade I don't want any new ones to form or the red marks will just keep on coming.
  7. I have mild acne so I get one or two zits but my problem is when one leaves a new one comes. It's like there's not one moment when I'm actually zit-free. There's always at least ONE of them to piss me off. They're always red with a pus. Besides that, I have a lot of colorless, small clogged pores that I detest so I'm going to see a dermatologist for it. I've used spots treatments like BP and SA but BP dries and makes my skin peel and SA doesn't do anything to my pimples. My mom tells me that de
  8. I'm using Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and I'm wondering is it supposed to sting? The area gets really red and it has a burning sensation, is that normal? I thought stinging is bad for your skin.
  9. Ok my face is constantly itching on certain areas and i'm trying hard not to even touch my face. What the hell is going on? My regimen includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing daily, occasional exfoliating, nothing else. i shouldn't get an allergic reaction from that. what is causing these itchiness? is it the heat or stuffiness in my room? sometimes there will be this small itch bump that would appear and then disappear later on. how do i stop it????
  10. using tapes on your face? isn't that dirty? and how is it supposed to help red marks? we're talking about macules right?
  11. I don't have toooo much of a problem with acne but my biggest issue is the scars they leave behind. Even when I don't touch my pimples they still leave this red mark. I think I have what is called macules, and I hear that they fade away over time. It's flat and red, and over time the color fades to a slight brown. Is that macules? I've been using Mederma to help fade it but I don't see much results. Any recommendation to speed up the fading? Also, I've been exfoliating every day, apply toner
  12. I can't seem to find it in local drugstores like CVS and Walgreens and I don't want to order online. Anyone know where I can purchase it? And does anyone know any good brands? Preferably something exfoliating too.