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  1. You look like a gorgeous girl x

  2. So a couple weeks back, I assume my acne was getting better. Keflex seemed to be controlling the oil and the redness and had originally broken me out, but 3 weeks in and I was looking pretty good. Decent. My dermatologists are fuck ups. Opps, sorry for the bad language--but really I have this conspiracy that they sell you products that break you out so you can continue coming back and spending MORE money on their useless junk. Currently: 1000mg of keflex a day, yasmin, retin-a .05, and clyndac
  3. Hate only makes things a lot worse. You resent people and isolate yourself when you think no one out there gives a fuck. Pessimism is not good for anyone!
  4. In a lot of ways, I agree with you. I'm tired of throwing myself a pity party because I can look oober ghastly without make-up. It will end one day. Optimism is a KEY ingredient to overcome A LOT of diseases, especially acne. Confidence makes any one person glow better than their outside provoke. Please guys, it's beautiful out there when you meet kind and caring people. Letting people get to is only makes the status quo become stronger. People need to realize with humanity comes an infinite am
  5. I do not need to play this forever. You guys help me understand I'm not alone. I just want everyone to feel like theyre worth something DESPITE what Hollywood keeps shoving down our throats. It's hard seeing so many people these days with so many apperance issues. As long as your healthy, you can be happy. Just so us a pretty smile and give people that shinning personality. Anyone can be won over with just that *cue Christina's "Beautiful" music and pour me a drink*
  6. Anyone used a really good tinted moisturizer that helped them cover red spots under their foundation? MAC sells an oil-free, water based TM and I was wondering if anyone has used that specific product? I have only used a tinted moisturizer once for professional headshots and it was made by Merle Norman. Really awesome coverage...and the computer didn't have to do any finishing touches! Wha-la! So...any suggestions? Or should I just use MAC? Merle Norman?
  7. I've come to realize that society is the reason why I constantly force myself to look more beautiful than God has made me. If it wasn't for stereotypical women, and the stereotypical nerd...I think a lot of us would feel beautiful regardless of our skin issues. I just fear, that by taking so many antibiotics and other things will make my already great health, turn poor one day. Is risking my life really an acceptable choice just for clearer skin? I often ask myself that daily...I mean, think a
  8. 200mg everyday...usually I would only do 100mg, but considering the horrible break out, I stuck to what the derma said. 200mg. Only problem is, this vertigo-like feeling is driving me bananas. Is there anyway to get rid of its side effects while still being able to take it? thanks, guys =)
  9. I completely agree with you. A lot of my friends have clear skin, but that isn't to say they are happy with themselves! I mean--they admit that they're a tad bit overweight and don't look like models, but they get over their flaw and just have a good time. Or some of my friends have teeth that could use some braces which causes them NOT to smile! But you know what? I still think they're all very beautiful people who have a chance at finding people they love, because they are very unique individu
  10. I just have to say, I know how you feel COMPLETELY. It's easier to be a girl because we can use cosmetics to cover up those issues. And because I am great with lighting techniques, I have managed to fool two really beautiful boys into thinking I'm ...pretty. I hate and nearly CRINGE when they call me those names because I know beneath my make-up there are so many problems they may not be willing to look at. I mean, who really does want to wake up to a person with all these hideous blotches and
  11. I thought I would try out that Neturogena Advanced Solutions only to find out that after 2 days, my skin became WORSE. I mean...my acne was ok but then it just got BAD. So I thought, "ok, maybe this is one of those things where it has to get worse before it actually gets better..." that was about...two weeks ago. I don't really see a difference because it seems to get worse everyday. I find a new one everyday! I USED to be on Retin A along with an oral (Minocycline) and to wash I would use the