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  1. Maybe you've tried this, but what if you didn't shave for a week or so and just see what happens? I have no idea if you would be comfortable with that, but since it's localized to the jawline, your jawline might be particularly sensitive - it is actually somewhat different from the rest of the facial skin anyway, which is why you experienced white hyperpigmentation from the Retin-A.
  2. Thank you but I'm actually still trying to figure that one out. :) Calling them sounds like a good idea.
  3. Hi, you seem to be doing well with Face Reality; I'm really glad for you. If you have the time, could you post the ingredient lists for some of your products (or have you already)? For example, the scrub, the emulsion, the cranberry cream, and the sunscreen you use? I know they're probably long, so if you'd rather not, I understand. I couldn't find any product descriptions on the website and am just crazily sensitive to everything right now, I can't just take what someone hands to me, you k
  4. 1) For the least irritating results, use a pea-sized amount for the entire face. Differin recommends this amount, too, but I didn't realize it until I read the website (my dermatologist said "small amount," which can be misleading). Once I started using a pea-sized amount, I had virtually none of the irritation most people report, and my skin is so sensitive I can't even use Cetaphil. Applied the same of the AHA and have been equally stable. 2) Thank you for including the pH of the AHA in
  5. your short-hair pictures are much more flattering, although if you styled it differently, you could definitely pull off longer hair. for example, the mtv style looks high-maintenance (i.e. the gay vibe people are getting), but if the top were roughly an inch shorter, it would make a huge difference.
  6. yay that's great you're getting used to it! good luck!
  7. oops, you'd already written everything you're using in your signature (was that really there before?? ) anyways, you might try putting on a tiny bit of moisturizer before the BP, rubbing it in just as gently as you would the BP. once you get the jojoba, here are some interesting takes on using it with the regimen, if you haven't already seen them: www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=160567&st=0&p=1935361&#entry1935361 www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=1626
  8. I've heard about BP causing premature aging of the skin, supposedly via "free radicals" caused by oxidation on the surface of the skin (which as far as marketing is concerned is a problem, since we know the skincare industry is into ANTIoxidants). I've also heard that acne itself causes premature aging of the skin, i.e. persistent follicular damage. I don't really know what to make of any of it. Two previous threads on the subject that I could find are here: (Edit: for some reason the links
  9. what cleanser do you use? dan's cleanser is too drying for me, so i use ones that don't lather, like cetaphil gentle and neutrogena extra gentle.