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  1. I'm drinking like a fish. The sun however... well I try to stay out of it but I love my sport, so I sometimes creep out from under my rock. I think I'll put up with the flakes if it means I can still kick a ball around and frolic in the daisies. I'm not eating great. A lot of yogurt, a lot of mi goreng noodles. I once tried kicking out all the dairy in my diet, but it didn't really make a difference in my skin, so I don't hold back now. I'm also eating a fair bit of sushi. And little children
  2. Drink 3 litres of water a day. That's about all you can do buddy
  3. You start 'tane on my 17th birthday...congratulations Good luck
  5. I have temporary ADD. Can somebody please give me a summary?
  6. I kind of no what your saying buddy, I'm in a similar situation myself. But you've got to look at it as a good thing. Your skin might feel/look like shit but you've got a girlfriend who can look past that and doesn't think it's all that bad. She's not full of shit, if she did think it was that bad she would split like a banana. That's the good thing about girlfriends in my opinion, they will leave you before the bullshit to you. Seriously though, you have a girlfriend. Cheer the fuck up
  7. Exfoliating with a babybrush felt good. I'm talking back-massage-by-a-naked-Vietnamese-girl smothered-in-baby-oil good. Skin looks a little better too. Just as I was writing this I experienced a bit of vertigo. As much as I love vertigo (read: tripping balls) it was totally unexpected and I fell out of my chair. This is the second time this has happened in a week. Side effect?
  8. I know I'm in a serious minority by saying this, but I thought the beard looked awesome. I mean, your skin looks great now and all but that beard was so badass that it undoubtedly would disconnect an ipod when it quite clearly says "Do not disconnect". If you want to pull seventeen year old Australian guys, and let's face it everybody does, I say you should bring that bad-boy back.
  9. Day 12 I didn't plan on updating daily but you know when your skin sucks so bad you just have to write about it? It's pretty much the same as yesterday. Whitehead galore. Everything is really dry too, and all my skin is flaking off. I took another day off school today, but I'm really going to have to face the music tomorrow. All of the spots seems to be on top of the skin though, like I can't really feel any deep nested cysts, excluding one next to my nose. What's the deal with exfoliating on A
  10. At the moment I'm using Cetaphil Facial Cleanser day and night, and in the mornings I moisturize with QV Face moisturizing day cream with SPF 30+, and at nights I moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I've tried every topical regime known to man, ranging from simple bar soap to the blood of thirty virgins.
  11. My acne has made me a hell of a lot more resilient. I feel like there is no real challenge that life can throw at me that I wouldn't be able to handle due to the past three years of moderate to severe acne. All my friends are stressing out because of our final exams that are coming up and I'm the total opposite, if I was anymore relaxed I would be asleep. Acne makes you harden up pretty fast, because if you're not a strong person and have bad acne, you wont last.
  12. I didn't think I would write an Accutane log. I read them a lot, mainly to psyche myself up for when I myself went on Accutane. I actually started Accutane on the 17th of July, so I'm already eleven days in, although it feels like eleven years. I turn 17 in a week from now, and I've had acne since I was 14. Although I've had acne for three years I would say that I've only suffered from acne for the past six months or so. It never really bothered me to a huge degree, I would just go about the day