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  1. Hahaah that is hilarious. Anyway Accutane made me break out under my face (below my chin) and I never had acne before I took it. To keep my oily skin to a minimum I use oil free moisterizer in the morning, and a few times a day when I use the restroom at work or school I rinse my face with water and pat dry my face. For people with oily skin, I think its impossible to go a whole day without wiping the oil off yourself. I'm 28 now and I've had oily skin since I was a pre-teen.
  2. Sorry for not updating guys. Well my peel really didn't peel. I used it on my chest area because I'm so paranoid to use it on my face. I used rubbing alcohol to dry my face after washing, and used the peel two separate times. Perhaps because my skin is just too naturally oily? I used it right before bedtime too.
  3. Wow that was a looong read. I don't think I soaked up everything but I think I'm going to give Julie (perfect complexion store) an email. I'm so skeptical on using any kind of product on my skin, but that is probably because of being ignorant. Do any of you guys have before/after pictures? That would really be encouraging.
  4. I'm just learning about these face peels, but it sounds like you should. From the instructions I read it says to avoid sun exposure for at least a few days after the peel. If you're going on vacation and it involves being outdoors, I would avoid it. Also If you peel during the vacation you might be self conscious and not enjoy it as much, not to mention your vacation photos.
  5. If you can leave it on, then why does some instructions say not to leave it on for more than 5mins?
  6. Wow that is good information. Thanks very much. So to clarify, put the peel on my face wait 5 mins... and add more to the parts of my face that haven't frosted (max ~4 layers). After I do this, I don't have to wipe my face off? Also I follow up with lotion right?
  7. I think I am having trouble understanding how to use the Jessner's peel correctly. OK first cleanse, I got that. Next I put on the chemical peel and waited 5 mins, then I washed it off with mild water. Is that it? Do I reapply right after I wash it off until it peels? Also I did not see any frosting going on. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. So after re-reading this topic for more tips I realized that the Jessners skin peels work, but it seems it depends on skin to see results. I am also kind of scared to use it because it is a chemical peel and can harm you if you use it wrong. Any more tips on how to use it safely? Should I wear gloves? Or is that overkill? I've seen on tv these dermatologists would do the skin peel and they are using gloves. I am guessing that those chemicals are more potent?
  9. Thanks Skin Therapist! I just got the package and don't have time for a peel just yet. I also want to test it before I go all out, especially since I've never did a skin peel before. So I have the directions and it says to use the Vitamin A stuff a few days before doing the peel for best results so I'm doing that right now. I wanna try it on my chest area first, is that ok? Or is it meant for the face only?
  10. I've been using the SPF lotion from ProActiv and it seems to work ok but it left my skin kinda oily. I also was using the Neutrogena lotion too which I like. Is this Eucerin one found at drugstores?