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  1. An hour to an hour and a half, usually. I can bring it down to 45 minutes, though. My shower/brushing my teeth takes like... 25 minutes? I always have to inspect my face, to see if Clindoxyl is going well. My regimen is the clindoxyl at night, so it only takes like two seconds, as I just put some glycolic acid (8%) on a cotton ball and apply to face. Make up is half an hour. Clothing and hair takes like... two seconds. I never blow dry my hair, I have a sweet ass wet to dry straightener (I only
  2. that's what she said. I care about my appearance because it's the only thing people see. I am a very nice girl, but it's not like my personality is displayed on my face. I would love to be treated great because of who I am, but that is not how the world works. I have never been unattractive, but I definitely notice since I broke out that I've been getting less attention from guys, and as shallow as it sounds, it bugs me a lot. Also, a body is like a temple, of course. Take care of yourself
  3. Confidence, social status in whatever scene their involved with, connections to other people, girls extremely confident in themselves and don't need something to prove by dating extremely hot guys, or girls with low self esteem that view themselves as only able to date guys at that "level", experimental girls who want to try the nice guy for a change, similar interests, great personalities. Seriously. Pick one.
  4. Red marks will fade over time, yeah, but you can speed it up with exfoliation, as aforementioned. Glycolic exfoliation is the best. I'm using an 8% right now, twice a day, and some of the month old red marks are fading faster than usual.
  5. It's definitely safe for your skin. Like I said, there's a difference between dry and dehydrated skin, just being that dry skin is lack of oil, and dehydrated is lack of water; so you need some rehydration. Moisturizers won't do too much for you right now. You can go to a drug store with a derm section and ask about rehydrators. They pretty much just attract and lock in moisture on the surface of the skin. Guarantee it will help you out tons! Hope it goes well! (: ps. you can also tell the
  6. The problem isn't finding a good moisturizer, it's finding a good rehydrator. The skin is still oily, but the flakiness is caused from lack of water on the surface of the skin, making it oily AND dehydrated. The rehydrator locks in water so it doesn't evaporate during the day. Drink lots and lots of water, of course, but the main thing would be to pick up a rehydrator. La Roche Posay makes a good one called Hydraphase, and Vichy has one called Thermal UV, I thiiiink (can't remember the exact
  7. Smashbox makes a really good cooling tint, it's really good for your skin, especially if you breakout (even occasionally). It's kind of expensive, but it's the best I've seen. Vichy makes a good one, too! Both expensive, but worth it! Sorry I couldn't be more help . I'm going in to work tonight, I'll check to see if there's a tinted moisturizer in Physician's Formula, I loooveeee PF. ps. just made suggestions, because not really familiar with the brands listed, other than Neutrogena. I heard
  8. I compleeetely agree with kiwikali, especially about Benefit. I love BadGal sooo much! It's hand in hand with Dior, and Lashblast for my favorites!
  9. haha! Lancome makes a sweet eye make up remover, but it costs a fortune, basically; as all Lancome products usually do, haha. It's our best selling eye makeup remover at work, though, and the bottle is fancy and lasts a long time! If you get your hands on some Marcelle make up removers, the gel one looks really promising. I don't have personal advice on Marcelle, though, because I've never used it . I just use the Lancome one! Marcelle, in general, is a great brand though, and I trust it! A
  10. CoverFX makes a really really really good foundation that covers people with birth marks on their faces, scars, freckles, etc. It's an industrial strength foundation that covers better than a concealer. I can't remember the name of it exactly, it may just be CoverFX, but when I go into work again, I'll message you back with the name. It's relatively cheap, too, for the amount you're getting and the product itself. I tried it on a girl with psiorisis (sp?), I think it was, and she had these m
  11. You should take up something to take your mind away from that and bring some really good self importance and self esteem into your life. I'm by no means suggesting that you're down on yourself, but I found myself in a similar situation because I needed to feel loved and wanted a lot, because I wasn't comfortable just hanging out with myself. Take up a challenging project or something that will benefit your life in some way. I got a new job, preoccupied my time with it, and felt good because t
  12. If you buy a waterproof eyeliner, you'll probably never go back... ever. Almay makes a pretty popular one, and so does Lise Watier! Also, if you're looking for a really good stay on liquid eyeliner, GOSH makes one that is extremely waterproof. It's so good that you can go swimming and rub your eyes, and it won't come off very much at all. Just fade a tiny bit.
  13. Hahaha, no problemmm! I work in cosmetics, and I've pretty much tried everything. And you also can't really go wrong with using a good lash curler, either. As long as you hold for at least 10 seconds, and gradually curl your way along the lash. The BadGal is good for layers, the only problem with it is as it gets older, it dries pretty easily. It's a very smooth mascara, though, and extremely dramatic, too! Everyone I've recommended it to lovesss it! It's a bit pricey as well, it's $25 Can
  14. I agree with the eyebrow pencil. I have naturally thin eyebrows, so it's good to not only use the pencil, but get a nice eyebrow wax, brush the hairs downward to add volume, and use the wax to hold it in place. After it dries, you can just fill in from the line the hair had been brushed down at, it only takes like two minutes to apply! I wouldn't recommend a pencil, but maybe moreso an eyebrow fill as a 'pressed powder', with a good eyebrow brush. And it's great for having to wait for your ey