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  1. I use Revlon Colorstay foundation as well. It is the best I have ever used because it lasts all day and it covers up EVERYTHING! I just wanted to make a couple of other suggestions. A great loose powder that I use is Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder in Natural Light. It can be reapplied during the day, and it gives that shimmery look to your face like the Cornsilk powder you described above does. It does come in tinted shades, but I prefer translucent. An AWESOME concealer is Urban Decay
  2. I did try the Bare Escentuals mineral foundation before, and it wasn't enough to give me the full coverage I was looking for (I also have red marks). Although it would appear light on your skin, I don't think it would do a good job of covering up the red.
  3. I believe they are. I only use the concealer, blush and eyeshadows, and they haven't caused any breakouts.
  4. I use my Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash, which contains salicylic acid, with my 6% b.p. and the b.p. seems to work about the same as it would if I didn't use the wash. I've also used the Neutrogena makeup in the past with no problems while using b.p. The amount of salicylic acid in these products is very small (like 2%) and precription b.p. is usually a lot stronger. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Hi Lola, Go to www.urbandecay.com to see the products. You can either purchase them online from this website or other makeup websites like www.sephora.com. At www.urbandecay.com, you can also look up stores in your area. Good luck!
  6. Has anyone tried the Surreal Skin foundation and Special Sauces or the loose powder, and did you like them? I am new to the Urban Decay line and so far I like what I've purchased: Afterglow blush in "X", Camoflouge concealer in "Cloud Cover", and eyeshadows in "Sin" and "Lounge". If anyone uses any Urban Decay products, I'd appreciate your input! Thanks!
  7. Has anyone tried this, and how did you like it in comparison to the regular Colorstay?
  8. Hi Misty, I just wanted to add a new concealer to the forum. I recently purchased Urban Decay's Camoflouge concealer and I love it! It is a cream concealer, but it blends into my foundation beautifully with NO blotches! It contains green concealer to cover red marks and flesh-colored concealer all in one cute pot! I highly recommend it! Go to urbandecay.com for details.
  9. Hi Lisa, I believe it is hypoallergenic. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I've had no problems, and I do suffer from various allergies. I have also had allergies to makeup in the past. I love the Colorstay because it provides such flawless, even coverage. It really is the best!
  10. I was recommended Cetaphil by my derm too when I had dry skin and although it did clear it up within a few days, it does NOT remove my makeup as well as my normal cleanser does. My normal cleanser is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. I prefer cream cleansers. With the Cetaphil, I had to apply it twice to my eyes to remove my mascara and eyeshadow. It is really liquidy because it is almost all water. I would recommend it to treat a bout of dry skin but not for a daily cleanser.
  11. Hi nk, I know I just answered one of your other postings about foundations, but yes, Colorstay is oil-free and it won't clog your pores. It is the only foundation I've ever used that really covers up the acne scars, but I still have to use a little concealer and powder. What I do is this: 1. First I apply concealer to the red spots and then one layer of the foundation. 2. Next I apply loose powder to set the foundation. I like Revlon Skinlights in Natural Light, which is just translucen
  12. Hi nk, If you are looking for a foundation to cover up acne scars that you only have to apply once, I recommend Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation. It gives a matte finish, but if you are looking for a little shimmer, I use Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder over it to achieve a little glow. I don't know if they sell these products in the UK.
  13. I was just put on Minocycline last week. I can start taking it twice a day on Sunday. My derm wanted me to take it once a day for a week to see if I developed any side effects, which I haven't, thankfully. So far, it seems like the medication is bringing out everything that I had under my skin. My neck broke out with three large pimples that have since gone away with the b.p. I've been using twice a day (I use Triaz 6%), but I hardly ever break out on my neck so I've been hiding it with turtlene
  14. I have had my belly pierced for almost two years, and I will never regret doing it! Obviously one day if I have children (and I know I'm going to--I'm getting engaged next year and he and I both want kids), I would have to take it out. But you only live once and having a piercing is a part of being youthful. I don't think your medication will affect it--just make sure you clean it well and follow any directions the piercer gives you and you should be fine. If you're really worried about it, just
  15. This is my first week on Minocycline, and I have to take it once a day until this Sunday, when I can begin twice a day. I haven't experienced any side effects which is great, because I've never been on antibiotics before. However, I feel like the medicine is bringing out all of the acne that I had under my skin. I even broke out a little on my neck, and I never break out there. I'm hoping this is the medicine's way of cleaning my system out. The derm told me she was positive this medication woul