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  1. I'm going to give saw palmetto another try. I worked for me up until May 2014, not sure what caused my skin to breakout but I was foolish enough to stop taking it and toyed around with other supplements and topical lotion which had no effect. I know my acne is hormonal as none of these antiobiotics, creams etc.. seem to work and my skin looks terrible. I think I'm going to heed Green Gables recommended dosage for herbal supplements. Last time I rotated between 640mg to 960mg of saw palmetto.
  2. Yeh I sure do, then again I've had acne since I was 12 years old (now 29) so those memories are vague.
  3. Sorry to hear that you broke out again. Saw palmetto only worked for me very briefly, so maybe it wears off for acne after a while. Have you tried DIM or inositol? Oh that's ironic, we both became immune to saw palmetto? Well it was good while it lasted. I'm abit hesitant about trying DIM I read mixed reviews about it so I wasn't so sure if it would exasperate my acne. I haven't tried inositol there doesn't seem to be much information about people experiences with it in relation to acne. I sa
  4. Maybe you need to adjust your dose of saw palmetto? Or, if it was just one breakout then maybe it was just a one-off, so you could just keep doing what you are doing, and if another breakout happens then consider other options or a different dose. There is conflicting information about taking vitex during menstruation. I personally took the same dose all month long, but now I wonder if tweaking it according to my cycle would have been better. I'm not sure, but my naturopath said to take the sa
  5. I was taking saw palmetto with success up until April this year when my skin suddenly broke out. Maybe I've become intolerant to it? Anyway I've been looking into trying vitex as an alternative, can vitex be taken during menstruation? I'm seeing conflicting information, can anyone shed some light on this?
  6. Are you still taking Saw palmetto? I'm on my 5th day of SP...not much change thus far but I'm determined to give it afew months. If it's similar to spiro it should take some months to see results, so i'll be patient. Is anyone else taking sp?
  7. bump! I'm taking saw palmetto 500mg standardized, I'm going to try it for atleast 4 months, so it has time to adjust to my body. Anyone else on SP?
  8. I don't know how you ladies are obtaining spiro but I've had no success. I've just come back from my G.P and asked her about spironolactone, she was very dismissive and refused to prescribe it. My doctor was too preoccupied with prescribing me some useless antiobiotics instead. I even asked for a dermologist referral and she told me that there's not much they can do and they'd only administer more antiobiotics. This is exactly why I stopped going to the doctoers, there are useless and don't care
  9. I'm not sure what it is in the states but here in the UK you can find work though recruitment agencies. I'm just wondering if you can try that instead, sometimes depending on the job role, you don't have to have an interview. Most agencies aren't interested in your acne, they're more concerned with filling quotas and receiving commission from finding you some work. You could always explore that avenue if it is available for you and goodluck!
  10. I think everybody knows that diet attributes to acne, poor eating habits can cause hormones to flucatuate, which can worsen acne. However, those food habits only worsen acne and I don't beleive it is the root cause of acne for most people. I've tried various adaptions and omissions and my skin has been clear at both points (eating healthy and eating healthy with abit of refined food). I don't know what the cause is of my acne, but I have noticed that my acne has worsened with age. I'm currently
  11. I took B5 periodically throughout my ongoing battle with acne. Granted, it works to control your acne (to a certain extent) but I found myself constantly hungry all the time, which become unbearable. This insatible hunger left me with no choice but to quit, I don't recall experiencing any hairloss, but my hair is quite thick.
  12. I started taking supplement vitamin D3 after reading all the positive reviews about it. I experienced the worst breakout ever when taking it (all over my face), when being the operative word since I no longer take it. I stopped taking it almost a week ago and my facial acne is slowly subsiding. My body acne is still there though. I'm under the impression that I was probably enduring the intial breakout, but from the posts that I read on here, no one had an IB, quite the contrary actually. Preha
  13. The baking soda method has gone completely over my head I totally forgot about it. I'll try it on a chest acne tonight, eurgh body acne is awful. I can't remember the last time I worn a V neck shirt. I'm so close to trying spiro it's my last resort, tried accutane and didn't like the side effects plus my acne is mild (persistent) right now.
  14. I've been taking B5 intermittently for years now I find it effective to a degree, it doesn't help with hormonal breakouts, that's something I'm working on separately. I've never taken the recommended dose (10g), mostly due to finances and side effects (I'll explain in a minute). Throughout my years of ingesting B5 I ALWAYS took no more than 5g, because I took B5 periodically I'd often experience an initial breakout which would last for weeks. I recently tried to wean myself off B5 due to experie
  15. What if the whole world went up in smoke apart from you? It's interesting to think about. lol I'm an ambivert. It's like this: Introvert............................Ambivert...............................Extrovert You see, I'm somewhere in the middle. Sort of a best of both worlds kind of thing. This!!!! I am SO in the middle also lol. I generally have no issues spending time by myself if i get bored of the social scene. As you say best of both worlds. There may also be something like