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  1. I have had two treatments of Genesis so far; I still can not comment on the results because honestly there isn't much to mention. That being said noticeable results are not expected until after your 3rd or 4th treatment. I'm only paying $95 per treatment so I am willing to take a chance. I think after the 4th treatment I will have a better indication if this treatment is right for me. By the way I am trying to treat some hyperpigmentation and minor to moderate ice pick, and rolling scars.
  2. I don't think those are scars. It looks like your face will be fine after the redmarks go away. Scarring is permanent damage done to the skin, usually cause by a loss of collagen. I for example have some ice pick and boxcar scars that I've had for over ten years. Scarring is a permanent problem, but we try to better our condition. So far I've had little to no success in improving my own condition, but I can not lose hope.
  3. I agree your scarring looks moderate at worst. Those definitely look like boxcar scars to me as well. I don't think microdermabrasion would help much, I've had it done myself. I'm not too certain of what you can do. I myself am having Genesis Laser treatments, its nonablative - meaning no down time. I just started so its too early to evaluate its success.
  4. My experience with Retin-A is a bit different. As you stated you will break out initially. In my case the initial break out was much more severe than my standard Acne. It was this severe breakout that left behind the pitted scars that I have now. I wish I would have never used Retin-A. I was on it for about 4-5 months by the way. On the other hand Accutane has been the only drug that has worked for me. A quick google search on Accutane will show most people have great positive results wit
  5. I think its normal to pop superficial pimples when washing or shaving. The trick is to not cause un-necessary aggravation to your skin. Be as gentle as possible and make sure you wash the area thoroughly. Also keep in mind, you can't wash or shave acne or scars away.
  6. I don't think the OP is trying to bs us here, that being said I don't think this will work. I've been shaving for over 10 years and it has not reduced any of my scars. In fact shaving too closely causes ingrown hairs and other skin complications. Props to the OP if he thinks it works for him, but I would caution others before trying this.
  7. I understand what you're saying, Genesis is no different than other Laser treatments available. There will be people that receive positive results, and those that show no results at all or worst. There really is no way to know which treatment is best for you. All we can do is make the best choices we can. In my case, Genesis is an affordable option with little to no risk involved. I will do my best to update my progress in hopes of helping others in their decision making.
  8. Congratulations to the OP for the positive results. I just had my 1st treatment of Genesis Laser two days ago, so its too early to diagnose the results. I can say that the treatment is very non-invasive, you may have some temporary redness at most aftwards. My redness lasted only an hour or two; I agree with the pain involving facial hair, it feels like your hairs are being plucked. Treatments are only $95 per session and I've been told I should see significant results after my 3rd treatment
  9. I'm in my early 30's and my complexion is just as important to me now as it was when I was a teen. That being said, I also suffer from mild to moderate scarring from years of battling acne. As you people tell me its not that bad, but I know its there and it affects my self esteem. The good news is there are pleanty of options available. Treatments include from microdermabrasion, and mild chemical peels to more invasive treatments like dermabrasion or CO2 lasers. I recommend you see a dermat
  10. This is the misconception I'm talking about. What woman would not like an attractive man. My girl friend looks at guys with serious acne as says "poor guy, I feel for him". In other words, women may feel pitty on you, it doesn't mean they would like to date you. Being male I can tell you I've spent many nights alone, I've even called in to work because my acne was so bad at times. Acne on men is just as devastating as it is to women, if you don't believe me just ask a guy suffering from c
  11. Actually it is a lot like Smoothbeam, they both target the dermis without damaging the epidermis to promote collagen growth. 2 hours after the treatment I can't even tell I had anything done (redness is gone). It will take 2-3 weeks to start seeing the benefits. I may separate my treatments 3 weeks apart.
  12. I went with the Genesis for 2 reasons. 1) Because my scars are only mild to moderate, I chose to try a non-invasive treatment first. Less risks, and little to no down time. 2) Price. I am receiving the treatments for $95 per session. I've been told most patients see desired results by the 3rd treatment.
  13. I agree with Regi_1 accutane is a great option provided that you can handle the side effects. Your skin will be extremely dry on accutane, you must moisturize regularly. I remember when I was on accutane it would hurt to smile, or even eat my food. That being said, accutane was the only thing that ever worked for me. Good luck.
  14. Had my 1st treatment of Genesis Laser today 8/12/08. Its a nonablative laser designed to stimulate collagen growth. I have some shallow boxcar scarring and some icepick scars. Treatment went well, relatively painless unless you forget to shave. The laser pops the facial hair and it feels like the hair is being plucked. Afterwards my face was only slightly red, I've had sun burns much worst than this. I understand I will need at least 3 treatments to see the benefits I'm hoping for. I'