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  1. But if you read the link i've posted it explains that herbs working then stopping is quite a common thing. Apparently you have to combine liver building and liver healing herbs and different foods etc for it to be more long term. Of course i won't know the real answers unless i buy the book so was just seeing if anyone on here has had anything similar happen? i didn't want to buy a book to find out the whole idea behind it is just rubbish.
  2. Doesn't anyone have any ideas? Or is this old news...
  3. I have used milk thistle to treat acne, and basically i had amazing results at first then my skin went back to normal. What should i do about this? I googled this actually. The link below is interesting. It is advertising a particular book 'Your Last Acne Solution', but the ideas behind it are very interesting http://www.acneyoda.com/buy_now.html Obviously it doesn't give a solution to the problem because you have to buy the book but i was wondering if anybody has any ideas about how to c
  4. Does anyone know the effect lemon juice has on your teeth?
  5. oohh...you know what?...i might give this drink a go for a little while. Even though i hate honey and lemon, if it works wonders for my skin, i'll give it a go! thanks for posting
  6. Ok, an update...I've been drinking the hot lemon and honey for about 2 weeks now and my skin is still fantastic. A few blemishes are present but it's nothing like the situation before.
  7. I boil water in a kettle first, wait a few minutes after its boiled so its not really piping hot. Then I use squeezy type lemon from a bottle and squeeze some in a mug, maybe a teaspoon full or a bit more. Then I add the water and follow this by a heaped teaspoon of honey. Im having this morning and night at the moment and i'll see how that goes. I've read that ideally you should drink it in the morning quite a while before you have breakfast, its really something that 'kick starts' the meta
  8. I had a cold last week and as a result was drinking lots of hot water with lemon and honey drinks...but I think i may have accidentally stumbled on something which helps my acne. My skin is also fantastic at the moment! I've read up on this drink and its great as an antioxidant. Has anyone else found success with their acne from this drink?
  9. I use hard bristle brush with a long handle. It makes it easy to reach. I would imagine it would be hard exfoliating there using your hands, you wouldn't be as thorough.
  10. I have a similar thing, they look a bit goosepimpley. I just try to regularly exfoliate, usually with a hard bristle brush
  11. I've heard that pantene is rubbish
  12. I understand what you mean about circulation. Afetr all, regular exfoliation is supposed to be good for the skin as it body brushing. These are things that help circulation temporarily.
  13. Does this also indicate that wholemeal bread can aggravate acne, or is it mainly white bread?
  14. I think milk in excessive amounts would be bad for acne but if you just have a glass a day i don't think it would be bad.
  15. But the amount of salt i had isn't much different to what a person would have in a normal day. I do see what you mean though. But i have read a lot of salt water flushes and they seem to be safe. Oh and i did use sea salt