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  1. Thanks! It really did help. Do you think it'll be okay if I use retinol in the morning and Epiduo at night? And what exactly is Green Cream? I've never heard of it!
  2. I've heard a few people talk about retinol products before and how amazing it is, so I was just wondering if anyone's tried it before for acne. If so, what were the results and what products would you or would you not recommend?
  3. So I've been using these for over a month now. Still no improvement
  4. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it. I was wondering how long did you have to take the pills for?
  5. He should have told you whether you should use it everyday or use one everyday. I think you should use all three everyday. After washing your face, just put on the lotion and take your antibiotics. I'm not a doctor or anything though! I've also used Panoxyl before. Did not work for me at all.
  6. So I finally went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me: -4% benzoyl peroxide acne face wash -Epiduo -Doxycycline Mono 75MG. I already know for sure that the face wash won't really help me because I told him I've tried several other benzoyl peroxide face washes before, but he still wouldn't listen. I'm still gonna stick to it though since I did pay for it and it's prescribed. Anyways, he prescribed these to me and I've been using them for about two and a half weeks. So far, I've seen ZERO
  7. I am currently using Epiduo also. Well my doctor prescribed me a 4% benzoyl peroxide face wash to go along with this. My face wash is just like Panoxyl. You can buy Panoxyl at any drug store, but they only have a 2.5% benzoyl face wash, a 5%, and a 10%.
  8. I am gonna go buy jojoba oil on Monday! I hope it won't break me out
  9. Thanks! I think I will try it. The stuff you told me about jojoba oil convinced me! I'm so nervous to try it because I don't want breakouts, but excited at the same time!
  10. I know that there are many people who use jojoba oil and love it, but I don't know if I should use it or not. I've read numerous message boards and reviews on it, but I'm still unsure. Okay first off, I have moderate acne and on some days, my face can be extremely oily, but the next day it would be dry and peeling. I've heard many people talk about extra virgin olive oil and how it's similar to jojoba, so I tried doing this twice. The first time I tried it, I did it for a week and it broke me
  11. Hi. There is this product that I always see at Sally's Beauty Supply called the i-skin pore perfecting system. One of my girl friends uses it and is addicted to it! She said it worked for her, but I would like to see if it has worked on anyone else. To those who do not know what it is, it is somewhat like the Clarisonic Brush that they sell at Sephora, except the one at Sally's is cheaper. Anyway, I was just wondering if any of you guys tried it yet. Did it work on your acne? Did it help stop oi
  12. you should sell it on ebay. people will buy it in like.... 2 seconds.