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  1. Wow you look great, amazing transformation. I admire your totally natural approach. I have mild acne, sometimes moderate. I too have stayed away from the drugs and have been focusing on what i put in my body. Trying to ensure I eat the right things and get the right nutritions. Ive seen a great improvement in my skin and just every so often get a mild flare up. These tend to be down to hormones or stress. I do need to increase my exercise and will hopefully start cycling to work soon. Im tryi
  2. Hi i know there has been some negative comments about dermalogica but i think they are worth the money. I have been using dermalclay cleanser and yes it is quite expensive but its the only thing that cleans my skin thoroughly without drying it out and irritating it . Along with the panoxyl 2.5 and dermalogica microfoliant (once a day)and the active moist miosturiser it has made a significant difference to the quality of my skin. My skin is almost completely clear. I just need be patient and gi