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  1. first you need to get a blood test to see if this is the reason ur getting acne if it is they would put u on the pill to controll it .... but i heard Vitex Agnus Castus can balance the hormones you can get it online but it takes a few months to work
  2. Thanx, i was looking at the green smoothies i'm gunna give it a go i think ANYTHING is better than accutane and Yes i was tested for polycystic ovaries because my testosterone is higher than it should be but it's only very Slightly so the docs don't think thats why i have acne plus the way 2 balance it out is going on birth control and i'm already on it. and i don't have polycystic ovaries and my sugar levels are fine etc but i have never had clear skin since i can remember so maybe it reall
  3. If u have very dark circles use green corrector it reflects the light from the area and makes them look lighter u should never use a normal concealer under the eyes as it is used 2 cover not reflect the light and will make it look darker i 4got 2 mention its not just green its any light ones e.g Yellow,purple,Green as they all reflect light
  4. thank yoooooooou have u tried the green smoothie diet? i thought maybe that would be good
  5. Ok soooooooooooooo i know every one is going to tell me it's bad and for years my family keep telling me i should be eating fruit and veg and they strongly think it is why i have acne as no one in my family has it and after all these years i'm thinking MAYBE they are right.....The truth is i NEVER eat fruit and veg i can NOT stand the stuff!!!!!!! but now i'm starting to think my acne could be the result of my junk food diet i have had all the things on the market to get rid of acne pills,lotion
  6. i'm on it now i also took it with roactutane its the best pill i have had tho and i have been on alot of others and they all made my skin very oily and spotty!!! you should only take it for a year but my doctor failed to tell me this and i stayed on it for 3years straight and considering i have blood clots in my family and smoke this is NOT a good sign lol i get pains in my leg from it to i hope they bring out a new one because i think my body is just not reacting the same to it anymore
  7. I use the anti bac face wash and i really like it! but i found out 2 day the clearing booster that i use (and pay £22 for) has Benzoyl Peroxide 5% as the active ingredient so i was thinking i should just get the BP do u think it will work the same?? it also has Alginate zinc triplex whatever that is
  8. Posh has polycystic ovaries that's why she has bad skin i only know this because my doctor thought i may have it so i found it out after research lol
  9. http://www.jerseybeautycompany.co.uk/derma...-skin-wash.html
  10. Unless you are in the E.U you can use are NHS if not you will pay alot for hard acne treatment as you will not be able to claim on the NHS ( as far as i know ) and that will set u back alot. again if u pay you can see a dermatologist pretty much in a week As far as Tazorac go's we don't have it and Retin-A is pretty much the same as BP.
  11. nuthin 2 worry about, if u dnt like it just go back and let them know it's not working out i didn't really have many side effects just dry lips,brows and my face went chubby and it did get worse be4 it went better lol but 2 be honest i just wanted all the spots gone i did have acne since i was 11 and i'm now 22 and yeh it has come back but not as bad as be4 i went on the stuff but i was told some people do need a top up and others are just lucky and are clear 4 life!!
  12. i could be!! i was ment to go on it a while back but because i have been on it be4 (yes it did come back) i didn't reallllllly wanna do it again. i did laser treatment it got rid of redness but that was about it really and as i tried EVERYTHING else you can have!!!! ..... i'm back on this lol but i'm gunna do it private this time so fingers crossed ...
  13. M.A.C make up it can set u back a bit but its worth it. worked for me :dance:
  14. Likewise i hated the stuff but i have to go back on it the only thing that made it go away for a while :(