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    riding the scars bandwagon for far to long
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  1. o_Adam_o

    We have new emoticons

    <- still here :D
  2. o_Adam_o

    Tca Cross Has Destroyed My Face.

    Yes, in my eyes it's destroyed. I've gone from having nearly no facial scarring (visible to others) to these craters in my face. I'd call that destroyed. very much over the top dude... chill, its not bad at all... like nothing, count yourself lucky.
  3. o_Adam_o

    Tca Cross Has Destroyed My Face.

    yeahh really destroyed your face eh... seriously...
  4. o_Adam_o

    advice for awful scarring?

    awful scarring? your fucking kidding me dude, way to make people who have bad scaring feel that bit worse eh?..
  5. my condolences my friend, ya i know what yer feelin but sometimes its not all about the words but its just what we feel inside that matters to our selves

    1. o_Adam_o

      Veteran Members2 Status

      i want a green username damn it lol, i would be very surprised if I didnt easily have more then 1,000 posts edit: oh there we go
    2. o_Adam_o

      Pictures of my scars

      lol's at this guy steping up, these topics always make me feel the same when they seem to spring up.
    3. o_Adam_o

      My Scar Story

      you really just need to open your eyes and look in the mirror.
    4. o_Adam_o


      old time user? your still a newbie !.. but seriously keep in mind different things work for different people, I've tried changing my diet around several times to find it had little effect with the acne i get, but obviously eating healthy can help overall health
    5. o_Adam_o

      Scarred Pores from Accutane - WITH PICTURES!

      really i hope you just see that you skin looks amazing, i could only dream of mine looking so good, go live your life yo... its really not worth any stress at all.
    6. o_Adam_o

      Eye Makeup Thread! Post your looks!

      just wow. im 110% convinced your a troll now, way to go *Mod Edit*.
    7. more like when i was around 15-16..