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  1. I'm looking for something I can put on my face that will simultaneously block oil production for as long as possible throughout the day and conceal acne-related redness. So, basically a tinted oil control cream. I know there's oil control makeup, but maybe there's something specifically formulated for extreme, acne-related oil. Tinted benzoyl peroxide cream is another option, but is it the best option?
  2. The company from which I ordered my 50% gycolic acid peel sent a free vile of 20% salicylic acid and recommends using it as a "pre-peel" one day before the glycolic, claiming that "this removes excess skin and oil and allows for better and even penetration of the AHA peel." However, I've found that, a day after applying the pre-peel, the glycolic acid seems much less effective: even after five minutes of application (this is 50%, mind you), my skin barely turns red and doesn't peel off afterwar
  3. The instructional sheet that came with my glycolic acid suggests that I "apply once a week for six weeks and then pause for one month." Does anyone have an informed insight into why such a hiatus might be necessary?