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  1. no its not. an i decided to go ahead and do it. and let me tell u i noticed immediate results.right now im just using a biore cleanser, an doing the red light therapy followed by this lotion they gave me.
  2. so this tanning place that opened up offers red light therapy. 3 months of unlimited used is 100 bucks. supposedly its like a full body bed. Im thinking of checking it out..any thoughts? Should I discontinue BP use? (on proactiv now).
  3. Bro Im leaving in 2 months, I signed up open contract but got an infantry position luckily. Didnt join the Corps to push paper around or change tires. 0300, OOORAAAH KILL! As far as acne ive weened myself off BP and all that...im actually doing it all natural an its been working well...It consists of 3 items, jojoba oil, cheap all natural organic aloe vera bar soap, dickinson witch hazel. What I do is shower up, then splash my face and put jojoba oil on it, rub it in nice. Then I lather the s
  4. LMAO retarded mole rat. thats great insult artillery
  5. Male models are lean, not bulky though. When women like muscular men, they tend to like lean, not big. Like Brad Pitt in fight club :drool: Of course some women like big, but there's someone for everyone :P we've all been there. stay strong and DONT PICK. Get rid of your face picking "tools" as well. Dont bring anything sharp and metal to your face EVER.
  6. sounds like your face just needs to be moisturized. glycolic acid is basically a burn...a chemical burn. Maybe put some jojoba oil on it overnight and see if that help? I dont like hydrocortizone, yeah it brings down some of those symptoms but it also thins your skin.
  7. Thats the worst advice ive heard on this board in awhile. Lol if her friends dont approve he should walk away? Talk about living your life on the account of strangers jeez. Dude you will be fine, your breakout cant be that bad unless you woke up with 5 cysts on your face.
  8. lol. saw your post about cute girl at bank and thought it was hilarious. pimp .. very pimp.

  9. To me having a good amount (alot) of muscle is very important. A shredded body like a male model is my ideal physique. Im going to push my body to its full potential. chicks dig 6 packs. and not those puny ones on 130lb guys, im talking stick out and punch you in the face type abs LOL.
  10. DO THIS : Walk in, do some regular small talk, maybe crack a joke if you think of something funny that pertains to the situation. If not just BS until the transaction is almost complete...then go "hey do you have some paper I could use?" She will say sure, then u grab the pen thats attached to the little chain on the counter an write your number and be like "hey if you ever wana grab some coffee feel free to throw me a text or whatever". This is the pimp way of doing things because your showin
  11. Most of us know how you feel. Going out in the middle of a huge breakout is the last thing you wanna do. I had family visit who I hadnt seen in over 10 years and I was in the middle of the worst breakout I had in years. How do u think i felt? LOL add to the fact I had to LIVE with them for 3 weeks! Just stay positive your skin will heal again peace
  12. hey bro u seem like a real cool cat. heres my advice : Drop the dove soap, shit is harsh chemicals. get your hands on some benzoyl peroxide and a decent face lotion, basically the acne.org regimen. I personally havent used any of the products so I cant vouch for them... Depending on how much dough you want to cough up... For starters as a cleansers I recommend Dr. Bronners soaps. U can get them at most health food type stores. I got the peppermint kind. it smells good, cleans well and leav
  13. awesome thread. i started using bronners peppermint soap and its helped my regimen immensely.
  14. i use bronners peppermint as facewash/shampoo/conditioner/bodywash. works awesome! better on my face then any drugstore facial cleaners ive tried