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  1. Good luck! At worst I only had moderate acne and bad marks, so I never considered Accutane. I also heard it has bad side effects So be safe and good luck. Things are going really great for me. Haven't had a zit in over a week. With red marks and everything, I'd say I'm about 85% clear. So happy~
  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, it's settled down a bit now. I'm glad. It's like every couple of weeks I get a breakout.... dunno why. What's your experience with chemical peels? How much do they cost?
  3. Wow, I know I haven't posted in a month! Sorry! Well, I come bringing bad news... about a week ago, my skin started to act up again. I have no damn idea why. I mean, I guess nothing TOO major. Just one inflammatory pimple at a time. I NEVER get inflammatory acne. 7 days ago, one on my left cheek popped up. 4 days ago two on my right cheek. And now yesterday, another on my right cheek. Safe to say, I don't know what the HELL is going on. GAHHHH I don't know if it's just a weird phase, or if t
  4. So things are definitely looking up. I got over that little mini-breakout; I think stress was a big factor. I'm LOVING the Olay Sunscreen! It doesn't make me break out at all! And it moisturizes really well! The one I have is Olay Complete with SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin. It has Zinc Oxide in it. I'll keep you all posted!
  5. hrrrgrrrh I think I know what's been breaking me out slightly. The Aveeno sunscreen has a few mildly comedogenic ingredients, but my skin is really sensitive. So, I'm headed to get the Olay sunscreen everyone talks about, and we'll see how that affects everything... ;;
  6. ^ Good luck! Day 32 Started Week Four. Things are looking up, still having a minor zit here and there RANDOMLY. Dryness is at tolerable levels. Red marks are (slowly) fading. Here's hoping to be clear by week six!
  7. Aaaaayyy. I don't know if it's the stress or what... but FOUR zits popped up JUST TODAY. Two right next to each other under my lip. Two next to each other on my upper lip. ONE, I don't EVER get zits there, TWO, right next to each other?! Seriously? WTF? GAAH! Hopefully this is just a cleansing thing! I've had great results up until the past couple of days!
  8. Has anyone tried this? I was expecting more fanfare for a readily available, natural sunscreen.
  9. Day 17 Hard to believe it's been over two weeks already... the derm was right in that the dryness has almost completely subsided. Only have 1-2 active pimples right now, and they're being dealt with. Very happy
  10. Day 11 Well, the dryness is toning down a lot... a few little spots have come up, nothing much to worry about. Excited to see how this works in the long run!
  11. Well, just based on common sense, if you use sunscreen, it should be okay. Make sure it's SPF 30, though. It's higher protection.
  12. Day 7 Well, the dryness seems to be letting up a bit The derm said the dryness might last for the first two weeks, and I just finished week one. I used BP before, though, so my skin might be used to it. Maybe it'll clear up faster that way.
  13. I'm also curious as to this. I only use the Epiduo at night, and use an SPF 30 during the day. I tan my body often. Anyone have any input?
  14. I'm wishing you luck! I'm also on Epiduo, and experiencing dryness
  15. Day 6 Sigh... I'm having the expected reaction, lots of dry skin and stuff. Flaking, too. My sunscreen covers some of it. Anybody have any tips on controlling dry skin on Epiduo? I've edited the first post regimen.