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  1. Not really, maybe 1 1/2 months... Take a picture and then 1 month later take another one, so you can see the difference. Then come and post it Thank you
  2. Try not to be in the sun, because the red marks will get brown. I used sunscreen when I expose to the sun for a long time ( beach, playing soccer) Yeah it works, I also used to have brown spots. Try to buy a new baby brush every 3 months. What I do is put it in very hot water until all the bacteries died. (You can do it in the kitchen ) Look at the picture I used to have more red marks and dark spots than deep scars. Give it a try !
  3. Hey ! Well I took accutane 1 year ago aprox, I was on 20 mg per day for 8 months. I believe that my acne was develop by consuming bad shake protein to gain weight, and a terrible eating habit. While I was on the medicine I tried to be as responsible as possible, what i mean is that i didn't consume any kind of alcohol (not even beer) and I didn't do exercise or activities that may damage my body. Most of the time i was in my house, school and going out with my friends but nothing else. My side
  4. Nice...im gonna try the baby brush method soon...can i use this method when im having active acne?...i have one active one...small one.. This method is also very useful when you have active acne, because it removes all the dead skin from your face so the pore wont’ get clogged, so it’s amazing because if I have new pimples I know they will go away because of this method. I'm interested in this baby brush method, did you start this method straight away after finishing accutane, was your skin
  5. Hey guys !! Here is a new picture i just took, it has been a long way but im finally 100% clear of red marks, we do really need a lot of time to fade red marks but if we are patient enought we can reach our goals. I still use the same method but instead of using cream I used natural aloe vera, which is free because i have a huge plant in my yard, i just cut it with a knife and put it after i do the baby brush method. Aloe vera is considered one of the best skin regener, so my theory is simple i
  6. Hey !! I just want to share what happened to me in the last months; I meet a girl with perfect skin, her skin has no acne at all not even a small one, she has no scars, perfect tone, etc..she has nothing it is just perfect. Compare with my skin which is full of scars and some pimples over here and there, but is getting better now. At the moment i saw her, I just fall in love but i thought it will be imposible to date her, since my skin was so bad compare to hers. Now she is my GF, unbelievable
  7. DO YOU ALREADY REMOVE YOUR WISDOM TEETH???? Im doing a research about a relation between acne and wisdom teeth. Thank you guys !!!
  8. Thanks a lot for your replies guys !!! But I definitely believe that there’s always somebody who loves you no matter what defects you have, we are so many people in the world that no matter how you look or how ugly do you feel, someone will look at you and tell you “I love youâ€.
  9. Hey guys ! Ok, so I was in a party with my GF and she said to me "your skin is soooo smoth", and i was like are you damnit serious? because my skin is full of scars but not acne at all. Is it posible that love make people blind, because I mean, when you love somebody you just think is perfect no matter how it looks. Btw I didn't respone to my GF, i just looked at her and kiss her.
  10. Hey there ! Dude you shoudn't care to much about that, I mean sometimes we really think that having so many attention and be so popular make you happy. But the true is that you need to look for what makes you happy, it doesn't matter how simple it is. Stop looking at others life and enjoy yours. As you said, you had a girlfriend for 3 years, trust me she was very happy with you and that's why she stays with you for that long. Those guys you see in the streets hanging out with so many girls will
  11. You may have a higher posibility to develope joint pains as a side effect. Why can people just stay relax for 6 months while they are in a special drug treatment.....
  12. Can´t believe that's your second course of accutane, because it really doesn't look like a severe acne but w.e. Did you even try a hollistic regimen before accutane??? Btw your skin looks amazing, and hopefully stays that way. cya
  13. Exactly the same history. Please do not do the sames mistakes i did, the first think you have to do is a research about acne, you will find a lot of interesting facts. You may also think that the acne can be cure by buying creams, lotions and other stuf, but that's not the true. You need to start to change the way you live, the way you eat (Go to the hollistic forum). It's good idea to go to the dermatologist but you need also to do something by your own. The dermatologist will tell you that