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  1. just a guide outlining which products have been amazing and which have been a dud for me after accutane from dealing with redness, dry skin to scars, oily skin and make up. hopefully someone will find it helpful. cetaphil gentle skin cleanser = it was good to use this during accutane, but once the med was out of my system (a month after accutane) i found that it didn't have a lot of oil control as i have combination skin (the worst) - dry in some areas and very oily too! cetaphil oily skin cl
  2. Close to the 3rd week marker Not much has changed since upping the dose and my last post. I had back pain a few days after changing the dose and that's about it! I forgot to write about it before, but when I took my first ever tane capsule I had a tummy ache about 15min afterwards that didn't last for very long and was an isolated incident until I started taking 10mg/day - the first day I took the new dosage I had another stomach ache - again it was pretty mild. Just wondering if anyone el
  3. I'm hoping to hit 10 pages by week 3. ;] well this should help! :P lots and lots of luck to you too!!
  4. hahah the care package is awesome! i know exactly what you mean by not being able to pull your hair back and not wearing make up when going out! i really can't wait to put all of those insecurities behind me! good luck!
  5. Such Notions of Beauty I truly believe that we are not just attracted to good looks, but also the character underneath it all. The best looking guy will decrease in attractiveness if they are boring or egotistical etc. Although, I will go as far as to admit that looks are important, but; beauty, good looks, attractiveness are all subjective. What I think is gorgeous might be unattractive to others. As a contradiction, society judges beauty by trying to form an objective standard. How this
  6. Hi MSprinkles I googled the products you suggested and they sound great. Day 13 It has been nearly 2 weeks. Boy has time flown. I'll soon be upping my dose from 5mg/day to 10mg/day. Very exciting, but also quite apprehensive about the effects the slightly higher dose may have. 2 more smallish break outs and the break out that I had "the third eye" has basically dissappeared after only 3/4 days. My cheeks are still very red with more clogged pores and the blackheads surfacing. I ha
  7. Day 10 I've been feeling fatigued and have had a few headaches. I also had a few small breakouts, but nothing major and the overall state of my skin is slowly improving. Thanks for the make up tip! I've never used so much moisturiser before roaccutane. I'm also putting on a thin layer of powder on top of the liquid. I don't use too much of the liquid make up either. I hope it's okay to do this. Best wishes to everyone who's on the tane.
  8. hi! i haven't felt dizzy, but i have had a few headaches - although i'm not sure if that's due to roaccutane or tiredness! if the dizziness persist, you should talk to your derm. hopefully it's just a normal side-effect! good luck! p.s. it's day 10 for me and i haven't had the major IB yet - i heard that a lot of ppl get it around the 3rd week!
  9. Week 1 Dry eyes. The old acne is slightly flattening out, but still very RED. Skin isn't very dry, but not so oily either - I have combination skin - argh the worst of both skin types. A LOT of assessments due next week so I'm expecting a few break outs just from the stress, let alone, the effects of roaccutane. For those who are worried about the side effects of depression, I'll just say that the hope that my skin will clear up in a few weeks/months counters any depression. Persona
  10. GOSH I feel like I've been reading everyone's logs during these past few days! Best of luck with your course! Looking forward to reading your exciting, soon to be experience with roaccutane! =)
  11. DAY 3! All's going well! I woke up this morning with very dry lips - initially, I didn't correlate it with roaccutane since my lips can be quite dry normally, but, one look in the mirror, saw the extent of dry flakiness and figured it was roaccutane doing the work! Nothing that a bit of Carmex can't fix! My eye was also hurting, but it's fine now and I'll probably use a few eye drops later. On the plus side, my face isn't dry except around a few of the actives! =) Just wanted to log about t
  12. Hey! I'm on low dose too, except, I'm starting out at 5mg! My experience has been quite diff to your's so far - though I'm only on day 3! Your acne isn't too bad so hopefully it would clear up real fast! =) Good luck!
  13. Just took my first roaccutane capsule after lunch (a few hours ago)! Obviously, no change yet! I'm on 5mg/day for 2 weeks then increasing to 10mg/day. Ideally, my dermo only wants to reach 25-30mg/day - which is lower than what ppl are starting with! I thought I should begin logging since, if nothing else, my experience may serve as a nice comparison to a lot of you who are on a high dose with similar acne severity level. I've written about my acne background on another post so I won't reite
  14. Hey I know how frustrating it is to go on every type of topical gels, creams and antibiotics when there's roaccutane out there! But we pretty much all had to try those topicals before starting roaccutane because it's such a strong medicine - more like a last resort! Hopefully your acne does clear up like your parents' did! Unfortunately for me, my acne isn't genetically linked since my parents never had acne in their lives - not even a few pimples! In fact, no one in my family has had acne be
  15. I went to see my derm yesturday and he was all praise about roaccutane! I mentioned that I had done a little research and quite a lot of people with similar weight to me are on 40mg. He said that I would be on a lower dose and maybe for a longer period i.e. 6 months to a year so it decreases the chance of the IB. I'm all for not getting an IB, but since my acne has gotten pretty bad I'm scared a lower dose will mean a higher change of remission or a much longer time for the 'tane to take eff
  16. Hey! Actually I had to see two doctors before I managed to get defered to a dermotologist with a letter for roaccutane! At first, I had to wait 1 month (the earliest possible with any dermo close to my area) for an appointment and this was during my break out period! I was pretty annoyed (which I know is wrong since most people have to wait that long anyway) :naughty: but nevertheless I went to my family doctor and persuasively suggested (basically rattled on about my distain for the health
  17. Thanks for the comment! It actually reassured me A LOT! I read your log! It seems like you're handling everything really well! :) Best of luck with accutane and keep in touch through this "scary" process! =]
  18. Hi! I've been reading your blog and the results have been amazing! I'm starting ro/accutane soon and I'm pretty freaked out! Just wondering: did you use make up when you were using roaccutane esp. during IB and if so do you think make up contributed to any break outs? I'm only asking because I seem to break out when I wear make up even when it's mineral make up. AND the results of more break outs during IB isn't that...enticing! Lin
  19. Hope all goes well with 'tane! Cheers to good, clear skin!
  20. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site! Found it when I googled: roaccutane. It's great that forums exist where people can share their experiences with acne and to rant about the injustice of the wretched skin problem! So here's my story: I had mild-moderate acne when I was in year 8 for a few years and it cleared up after taking minomycin plus various acne gels. I was acne free for a couple of years, but I started getting a lot of break outs when I moved interstate by myself for uni! Now m