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  1. So i've been using MAC Studiofix for almost two years now, I really like the coverage it offers and i find it goes on smoothly and is easy to blend. Unfortunately, I've finally accepted the fact that it probably has something to do with my persistent acne. I went and tried out the Bare Minerals stuff they offer, but I found that my skin was too dry for a powder (something i'm working on...). I have a pretty oily t-zone and then very dry in other places.. If anyone has any opinions on MAC studiof
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if it is alright to add a toner into the regimen, and if so, when? Thanks in advance!
  3. i'm just like you, i don't want to be wearing make-up unless i'm going out. i've tried a few things, and my personal fav for now is mixing my physicians formula mineral make-up with my neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer (after having already moisturized my skin with the same stuffand letting that sink in). this way i get too choose how much coverage i'm getting and its waaay cheaper than buying tinted moisturizer! hope that helps
  4. Alright, SO i don't know if my eyelids are like really greasy or something but no matter what kind of mascara i use (like waterproof vs not, and brand) it always smears under my eyes after a few hours. I now constantly wipe under my eyes, which kind of just spreads it and looks like a nervous tick. Any tips or advice for solving this problem? Thanks in advance! p.s. I'm currently using covergirl lashexact...but I bought maybelline full&soft and desperately want to use it..but it seems to
  5. Has anyone in Alberta been able to find Monistat Anti-Chaffing gel in drug stores? I want to use it as a make-up primer since I've heard so many good things, but when i went to find it the closest thing was night-time relief. Am i looking in the wrong place? Thanks in advance
  6. I just can't decide. They're definitely worth $80.. but spending over a hundred seems like a lot for anything. They're the only thing that has actually worked to keep me 100% clear though.. tough call. i heard if you orer by USPS you won't get duty, but i don't know if that's true. or what option USPS is on the shipping list.
  7. Last time i ordered Dan's products to alberta it cost me $80 and then they made me pay $35 in duty!! is there any way i can avoid this? i need to order the largest sizes. oh, and i'm shipping to BC this time. THanks in Advance!!!
  8. okay. i've been on the regimen since the beginning of august and i stiill have dry skin flakies all over my face. i've tried jojoba oil and i use dans moisturizer (which by the way isn't matte like it says it is). at the beginning of the day i'm fine but like halfway through they start showing up, and if i try putting on more moisturizer i just look really greasy. what should i do?? thanks in advance
  9. I've noticed that the skin around my eyes (above, below, and the sides) is really dry. I don't put BP or moisturizer on those parts because i know that can dry it out.. what should i do? apply moisturizer to the dry areas before bp? thanks in advance
  10. it's weird everyone always complains about them but i really don't mind them. i find if i just put them one or two notches tighter than i'd usually wear a bra they hold up pretty good. they suck for cleavage though, if you're into that. haha.
  11. So i've been on the rountine since the end of July and my face still turns BRIGHT red after i use BP and moisturize(it looks like i have a terrible sunburn all over my face except around my eyes! weird). should i lower the amount of BP i was using? i was only using a 1 pump and 1/2. thanks in advance
  12. yeah the one i have says it works on waterproof make-up.. buut apparently not.
  13. i'm in need of a new eye make-up remover and i was wondering if there was any recommendations. right now i'm using rimmel, and it works o-k. if i wear eyeliner i'll usually find it under my eyes in the morning no matter how intensly i scrub with the make-up remover. but, i'm not willing to pay for a $20 a bottle either. haha. thanks in advance!
  14. if your hair is naturally stick straight i don't think scrunching it is gonna work. mine is straight like that, and i can never get it to go wavy when i scrunch it.