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  1. I had vbeam a couple years back and had to miss over 2 weeks of work/school because I had sever bruising (purpura) all over my face. The day after treatment I woke up and my eyelids were nearly swollen shut. Those 2 weeks were probably the scariest days of my life. I kept asking myself why I did that? Have no fear though the pupura will subside and you will look back to normal. I did it for some redness and It did help a little. Mainly I felt better. I wasnt always hot all the time. I dont know
  2. Ok, Im a guy and have been wanting to try this brand for some time now. Do you guys have any recommendations for the foundation as far as formula choice goes? I have somewhat oily skin and have no idea which kind to order (Semi-Matte, Matte,Intensive, Glo???) HELP lol. Thanks everyone
  3. www.uniquelyemu.com is where I recently purchased mine. There shipping is very fast. You will have it within 3-4 days depending on where you live.
  4. Ive been researching a bit and I think it might be contact dermatitis. I was using a lot of polysporin from my v-beam and I think it just got irritated from one of the ingredients. Yea I learned my lesson on that. So much for keeping my face clear. Now its real scaly and rough with a milllion little pinkish bumps. There not hard just kind of dry and scaly. Ive been reading on how to treat it and most just say to let it play its course because there isnt really a treatment for it. Just my luck an
  5. Does hydrocortisone 1% have pore clogging ingredients? Reason I ask is because I put barely any on the majority of my face just for the heck of it, I was only going to use it once and the next morning my face was covered with clogged pores/rash looking. However, I also slept that night with a bunch of polysporin and vaseline on my face to help heal my v-beam, which the derm said to use. There extremely small pinkish dots clumped together in certain areas. They kind of itch. This same thing happe
  6. No problem. To answer some of your questions, I could not hide any of it with makeup. I looked like a complete disaster. Just imagine litteraly 100's of purple dots all over your face and a lot of swelling. My face puffed up so big the next morning. They do have lower settings that dont require the bruising(purpura) but for me those settings were innefective. They recommend me waiting at least another month-2 months before another one if necessary because during that time period your body is s
  7. I live just outside of Sacramento California. I paid $650 for it. I never really had a problem with bad breakouts just redness. But I do think it helps with acne.
  8. A while ago I mentioned I was getting v-beam done and wanted to update for everyone. I went in last thursday and am still healing from it. I had the derm do a setting that would cause purpura, because I seem to see better results with a higher setting. I got my cheeks, nose, upper lip area, and chin done and let me tell you did I look like a monster afterwards. Dark purple marks all over my face. They looked like scabs, but thankfully none were. If interested and you know how to read the setti
  9. It sounds like it is similar to v-beam, which targets redness. What I have heard from numerous doctors is the setting that causes purpura(bruising) is most effective, however blistering and scabs are dangerous and can cause scarring. I would ask to have a setting that wont cause blistering. As far as how long it takes the bruising to go away, generally I have heard 7-10 days. LadyMacbeth, about how long did it take for the bruising to go away?
  10. I use the apricot scrub for sensitive skin every night and I think it has helped alot with my red marks and made my skin alot softer. Like said above though, you have to use it very gently.
  11. For those considering the FotoFacial, I think it really depends on the person who does it. I purchased five fotofacials in combination with five microdermabrasions and so far the fotofacial has done absolutely nothing after two, even for the Rosacea I have on my cheeks. The v-beam was a lot better and I am going back to that in a couple weeks. The lady who does my FotoFacials, I think is paranoid so she goes really easy which in turn causes no results. Also, for any guys out there, this proced
  12. Dont know if the pic is going to work so bare with me unitl I can get it too if the link doesnt work. Please let me know if you can see it. Can anyone help me figure out what this is? On the corners of my nose extending down it is a different color from the rest of my skin. I dont know what it is. It is really bothering me. I do microdermabrasions and IPL but the IPL always seems to make it look worse while the micros seem to help it a little. Because of this I have decided not to continue with
  13. As posted above V-beam specifically targets red, while IPL (FotoFacial) targets a more broad range from pigmented areas to redness. Personally IPL has done nothing for me, thus the reason I am going back to v-beam because at least I knew that worked. Anyone else here experienced bruising on v-beam?