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  1. My dermatologist gave me a sample of DML Moisturizing Lotion. It worked great, without any greasy after effects or "shiny face syndrome". And best of all, no induced breakouts from it.
  2. I hope somebody can help with some information as to what to do. I have never had waxing before and my hairdresser suggensted I get my brows and upper lip waxed while getting a haircut today. So I agreed as I am clueless on these things. As she is ripping off the wax strips, a recollection of not having waxing done while on Accutane floated through my mind....but I thought not much I can do at this point and it has been 5 weeks. I can not tell you how red, bleeding, swollen and inflammed to
  3. Hi, My face cleared up after battling for 30 years with cystic acne (combined with dry scaling skin) by using 40mg Accutane daily for 6 mons. Even the scaling problems went away with accutane as I am fair skinned (redhead) and the topicals I had been using were making me dry and red (in addition to the original acne bumps). I have been off for 1+ months and already my pores are enlarging and my facial skin getting oily. I am getting so depressed at the thought that "bad" skin will be back soon