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  1. i GENTLY rub a dry washcloth across my face before i wash it. i have been doing it about a week (upgraded to RAM .1% and started peeling again) and it is working for me. the johnsons baby wash is working well for me too cause it isnt drying out my face. i hate when my face feels all tight after washing it!!!
  2. i wanted to quit after week 7 and i am so glad i didnt because week 8 marked my turnaround. just goes to show...if you stop you may miss out on something great right around the corner. your face definitely doesnt look as bad as you think; as a matter of fact i was kinda like "what acne" before i stared really hard at the pics. we acne sufferers tend to be hard on ourselves and i dont think people will make fun of you, especially if it is just on your cheeks. RAM makes me really oily as well;
  3. my IB was around there. i am now in week 9 and i look and feel so much better.
  4. what a perfect explanation. i envy that comment...lol
  5. i love that website. i am on RAM so i need to stop as well; i am a lot better than i was last month but the amount of willpower it takes to keep my hands away is mind boggling. this may be why i stay on the computer so much; typing takes both hands! all i can say is stress balls and a picking journal are my friends. good luck <3
  6. i put the RAM on it then i put neosporin on the scabs. heals them in about a day and a half, two days.
  7. .01? go up to a higher concentration. or you could stop since your skin was clear anyway, greedy pants.
  8. ok, so i went to the derm today and loaded him down with questions. poor guy. anyway, i am now in week 9 of RAM .04 and my forehead is still rebelling against me although the past 5 days have been pretty remarkable in terms of my skin. it may be because i am adding in MaMa lotion but who knows. (OT: i used the MaMa lotion last night and today i was superpeely. i havent been like this since maybe week 4 or 5 of RAM.) so one of the many many questions i asked was about switching from .04 to .1, n
  9. i have never ordered these online but you wont find em in CVS...try trader joe's, whole foods or the vitamin shoppe. the oil cleansing method worked well to decrease my oil production but not much as far as acne, idk maybe i was using the wrong oil. but yes, coconut oil and jojoba oil are very good for the skin. remember, oil dissolves oil...
  10. oh geez. well i went to the ER for chest pains the other day and along with some other painkillers i was told to start an ibuprofen regimen...i have been doing this for a few years now to deal with chronic pain but the FIRST thing my doctor said was to make sure i am not taking too much. i got a second on that the next day when i called to followup with my regular doctor. ibuprofen can tear your stomach and liver up, people...i'm pretty sure those two things are more important than getting rid o
  11. if you cant get B5 i would say get a topical product with B5 in it. i will try to look up some that i saw listed on another board. and thank GAWD you dont want accutane, i hate when people skip over all the stuff they should be trying first and jump to something like that just because. (not saying the other guy should have tried other things, i'm just talking about you.) and getting tane from another source when your doctor has said or will probably say no just isnt smart...i'm sure you know wha
  12. i am feeling better...oxycontin is some powerful stuff and i was glad to get off it. well im glad i was skeptical cause some of the blemishes reappeared the next day, even though they were a lot smaller than they had been. i will knock on wood before i say this, but i have no more cysts! but...on top of that good news comes some bad, i attacked my face and popped a pimple on my chin cause i was a little disappointed...what an idiot. i'll reassess when i get off this ibuprofen regimen my doc has
  13. relax...and wait. i meant to ask in your other thread how long you have been on differin...two weeks really is NOT long enough to see a difference, and the panoxyl won't speed things up. seriously, just wait a few weeks. take it a day at a time. if you have had it this long a few more weeks wont kill you.