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  1. can someone please list some of the mineral makeup brands out there w/o mica?? I am currently using EM, which i do like loads.. but worried that it is causing the occasional underneath pimples on my cheeks (never really got them there before) Thanks!
  2. Yay ! Good Luck- will be ordering mine on Friday (when I get paid)!! let us know how it goes please! I started Paula's BHA gel already and have noticed big improvement. i'm so happy. :dance:
  3. Hey again- just read your other post from 2006, on Paula's BHAs.. so that gave me some insight.. if i use both BHA & GC combo at night, can i just not wear topical during the day? or does not using any topical during the day defeat the good work you did at night ?? i really dont like the idea of using anything besides moisturizer during the day, since i wear makeup.. but i see that most people apply BHA twice a day. thanks lionqueen.
  4. hey guys, since the weather is getting colder, i'm having trouble with my face being much drier.. makeup looks much worse.... i had been using Olay Senstive Skin Oil-free moisturizer... (i also need a moisturizer that doesn't make me look greasy and can go under makeup during the day..) i haven't tried oils yet, but that just sounds messy and greasy... any suggestions?
  5. awwww man. i love using the regular old vaseline. but i do get lip zits & have recently- so annoying! i had no idea this could be causing it ! thanks
  6. dumb question, do chemical exfoliants and physical exfoliants (physical extractions?) basically do the same thing? so if i use the baby brush method (haven't started this yet), should i alternate between these types so i'm not over-exfoliating? is that possible? and how often should one exfoliate? sounds like some people use MA or AHA everyday... i dont know what the skin needs time-wise to purge, renew, heal etc. if i start to use green cream at night, do you moisturize after putting
  7. I have been on Yaz about a year- switched from OrthoTriCyclen- when i saw ads that it helped acne.. I didn't even realize my BC could be causing all these side effects- but i did some research and there are so many people that also have simlar effects w/ yaz-- high anxiety, tiredness, low sex drive, cause of cystic acne..also excessive bloating... though haven't noticed weight gain.. i'm going to my gyno next week and hopefully will be switching to something else.. any suggestions to what
  8. sorry, I usually am on this webste page when I'm at work, so I only have a few minutes (when my boss isn't looking!) to glance over stuff & i usually want immediate answers because I don't have time to read enough!! So i did find the green cream online.. I have ordered a sample of level 6. can you suggest to me a way of using mandellic acid w/ the retinoid (and possibly an AHA lotion), so i'm not overdoing stuff to my face? thanks
  9. you're awesome and so helpful, thank you! yup i'm a bad picker. i don't know how to stop but I do know that it makes my face worse, so not sure why i still do it! i just ordered a sample of green cream (retinoid)- i have a prescription to RAM but haven't heard good outcomes from it so was staying away from it.. hmm I will have to try LacHydrin Five (is it a prescription?) just wondering how i should use it w/ using a retinoid too? i don't want to do too much at once. also do you use it
  10. I'm going to start taking vitamins-- plan on multivitamin, small zinc, fish oil, vitamin C and possibly vitamin B complex (to help anxiety).. Does it matter if you take them all at once? or should i spread them throughout the day? does it matter when i take what when? thx Em
  11. hey again LQ: Is mandellic acid like BP- as far as having bad long-term effects, ie: rapidly aging your skin? i was trying to avoid using anything chemically on my skin. also how is retinoid treatment different or similar to AHA? i'm not using either at the moment- not sure if i should use both or just one... also what store did you get green cream at? i have been to a few drugstores but can never find it! thanks
  12. well i'm actually unsure if i have cysts or the papsule ones.. i only get 2-3 of them at a time... can you pop cysts?