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  1. Hey I'm an 18 year old guy I tried The Regimen and it worked great for me. I would say there was improvement after the first week already. I used Neutrogena 2.5%. I made a mistake though. I didn't use moisturizer after applying the BP and that made my skin too dry and became rough. 300ZX
  2. michaelc80: Yeah I'm still seeing what's best for me. Like which cleanser and moisturizer I should use... Not yet man but I'll own one very soon ! The Z32 is my all time favorite. I'm going to colllege this August and I'll get it once I familiarize with all the roads and places. How much are you paying insurance? I'm only 18. I want to get the basic manual 2 seater version. Sorry administration for being off topic. Lets have some fun. 300ZX
  3. betterdays: Thanks a lot for the links and advice. I think this forum helps to cure my acne problem both mentally and physically. Before I didn't know where to get help from because none of my family members have acne problem and I panicked. Now that I know you guys are here to help I can relax and let my acne cure without worrying too much. I will stick to the BP as it works GREAT for me and use a real moisturizer afterwards (I overlooked this process when I started The Regimen). This might
  4. No I don't think this forum sucks, I think my acne problem sucks...I guess it isn't a cool thing to say to people I joined the acne forum...but I know its going to benefit me a lot with so many people here to help treat my acne problem ! I started getting acne around October 03 and severe acne around December. I HATE it ! I was the kinda guy who thought acne will never hit me because I had smooth skin until 18 years old. I guess I was very wrong...Anyway I need help ! My acne are bascially all