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  1. I take minocycline now and I ask my Derm when I went to get a refill/ check up about what I had been reading on the web ( drug induced Lupus, hepatitis,etc) he said he'd heard of it , but in his 20 years of practice he has never known anyone personally (none of his patients to have it. ) He said the chances are very slim.. i too am worried about my gums being discolored. I was on it 2 years ago and i recieved sooo many compliments on my skin. I wonder if eurythacin will do better than minocycli
  2. Wow. That is a strong combo. I have been going to the derm for 2 and a half yrs. now and the best thig i tried was differin. I feel crunchy because in the beginnining when i went for my follow up I told him I wanted to try something different other than differin...that my skin was "getting use to it" In actuality I just wanted to try different things to see if I could get the "perfect skin look"..So now MANY....treatments later..I realise diferin was right for me. Now I don't know if he will g
  3. That's o.k. about the long post...You are concerned. When I was first put on differin I used it in conjuction with a normal (gentle) cleanser. Here is the routine: 1.Morning: gentle cleanser...pat dry face. 2. Night:Wash face, apply differin Do not mix with moisturizer. 3. Occasionally use Cetaphil moisturizer ( as told by dermatologist) Of course I was taking my antibiotics...I think it was minocyline. I only ****use moisturizer when my face is so dry it hurts to smile). I think y
  4. Hi what kind of clindamycin are you taking? I just start using this wednesday (August 6,2008) I have not reaaly notice a change. I use the "Duac" I noticed that bezaclin did not work for me either. I think products with bezonol do not work on me well. Differin has been the best thing i have tried. However as you probalbly know...once your skin gets used to diferin it stops working. I suppose i shoould ask the derm for more differin? I hope your meds start working for you.name='Synthetic
  5. sorry to hear you are not getting better. I had diferin 2 years ago and it was awesome until my skin got use to it. Then my skin hit a plateau. Are you sure you are using the diferin at night? Are you cleaning and mosturizing as well? Talk to your derm if that doesn't work. keep the faith.
  6. Went to the derm today. He gave me Duac (clindamyacin) i am anxious to see how it will work . I wish i had of ask for some differin as well. I read on here they work good in conjuunction with each other. I just hope my skin can be clear. I remember before my skin became resistant to Differin i got so many compliments!! Everyone said , "your face is glowig" That is the kind of compliments i am hoping to get while using his. Hope everyone has a good day.
  7. This is true!! The same thing happened to me. I think almost all meds do this. The best thing my derm ever perscribed for me was Differin...until it stop working. It worked well for the time being.
  8. Dunno How this works but if you read my previous post you willl see why i have resulted to doing this. Thank you for your help. Have a great weekend.
  9. Cetaphil is very good. Use your clindox as directed and once it dries apply cetaphil. when i used differin, I applied cetaphil, sometimes before i went to bed instead of using the diferin i would use cetaphil. Wonderful results. got so many compliments. Then my sknin got use to diferin. Hope this helps you .
  10. That's ok.. You do not have to apologize. If someone ask you that next time you should say "i have acne. What's your excuse?" Then walk away. First off that is rude. People shouldn't come up to you and say crap like that. I hope your day goes well.
  11. Hi, I have used the medictaion review on this site before but this is my first time actually posting. I have a problem... About 2 years ago i went to see A Derm and the first thing he perscribe me was Differin and antibiotic. Skin got use to that, he persc benz & differnt antibio, (by this time he seemed annoyed) i guess that is the word...Or he must think i have bdd. He ask his question as though he doesn't believe me or as I am giving the med away or something.. the third time he gave
  12. Try using Cetaphil, it is kind of pricey, but my derm gave it to me when i used differin. My skin was glowing until my skin got use to the differin. In the beginninng it was nice. Be sure ti use mosturizer. Differin dries your skin out my skin was dry and when i went to get a eyebrow wax a little of my skin became raw! So use caution if you plan on getting any facial waxes. Good luck!