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  1. I think I might! Though I'm not the healthiest of eaters, I'm sure that there are foods that are better for digestion than others. I believe Dan has talked about the lack of scientific support for the connection between diet and acne. In my earnest opinion, digestion seems to be a link between diet and acne.
  2. ON DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: I've been taking Digestive Enzymes + Zinc for the last few weeks and I have not had a cystic breakout for the last two weeks! I was getting a new cyst every week for 4 months, even though I kept up my great skincare routine. So yay! These enzymes are super good for people who have digestive issues and for their skin problems. My issues included stomach aches and gassiness. People who have digestive issues have a difficult time properly breaking down food so everythi
  3. Also, you can "trade" in your wasted products that are sitting on your shelf on MakeupAlley for other products you might want to try out.
  4. Hi there, Just came across your blog just now. Sorry to hear about your frustration. I can understand how money wasted can be very aggravating. Have you considered reading online reviews on the skin products before purchasing? There is, of course, reviews here on Acne.org, as well as Beautypedia.com and Makeupalley.com. I make sure to inform myself well before actually making a purchase. I realized that this is the best way to consume products without the risk of wasting too much money. It will
  5. I haven't really had the need to return back to Acne.org for a few years when I got over acne. When I was 18, I broke out all over my face and struggled with finding the right skincare products and taking regular trips to the dermatologist. Since then, I've only had mild breakouts and have kept them under control. All of a sudden, I'm experiencing a whole other new kind of breakout: adult cystic acne. For the last 2-3 months, I've been breaking out in cysts. They are large, painful, under-th
  6. Yeah, I would definitely buy the products if the shipping, handling, duty/customs didn't make it unaffordable. It's just too much. I ordered an item over ebay for $15, and by the time it was in my hands, it cost $12 more than it was worth. In the end, I paid about $27 in extra fees. Yikes.
  7. I'm also from Canada. I'm worried about having to pay duty/customs taxes. Is there a better way to work around this? Like, if I were to buy more at once to reduce shipping costs in the future, or something? Also, I don't see any shipping fees posted by Dan. Does anyone know them, or where I can find them?
  8. Has anyone tried the gentle cleanser by "Life"? I'm debating between that one and the one by Cetaphil.
  9. Physician's Forumla has worked well for me. It doesn't make me break out or anything. Also, it goes on nicely. I use the Organic bronzer. You should try it.