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  1. hey man.. what dose were you on when u went on tane?

  2. Sorry and thanks for moving Mod. It is like freckles but slightly darker and they are still growing, I think I need to stop the underlying problem before treating but I'm just unsure what that is. I didnt go in the sun to much while on the drug although I slipped up once or twice and got burnt but didn't think this would happen or this quickly. I did moisturise every day though but it is rather strange. Some are very small and a couple are darker then the others. I could try get a pic at some s
  3. How long were you on doxy for? I was on it for almost two years straight so the more time on it the more damage caused most likely
  4. Atleast 10 of them all over my face. Not so tiny either they just continue to grow. Diets been changed drastically I don't eat anything sugar/processed/gluten/etc. Only been off Accutane 6 months or so surely this can't be caused by the sun at this age? Acne scars will have to be dealt with later as this new problem has come up from pretty much no where. Anyone had experience with this type of thing, how to make it stop and effectively reverse the damage? I barely go out in the sun much but did
  5. I see im not the only one, hmm I wonder what doxy has done to us and if it can be reversed? I mean its messed up how hard they are to extract and how theyre causing scars.
  6. I only suffer from blackheads. Where a pimple use to form now a blackhead just forms. They dont go away by themselves ever. I went on accutane it just made things worse my skin is a mess and has so many trapped pimples/blackheads appearing all the time and leaving scars. What has the antibiotics done to me? I took it every day for 2 years because my doctor told me to keep taking it until I grew out of my acne. Where a little pimple use to form there will be a small sebum plug and where the big
  7. Thanks mate appreciate it I am lost as to why this is the case to I take everyones opinion in but honestly one of my rolling scars is quite long atleast 2 inches. My icepick scars are mixed in with the rolling ones while much of my scarring isnt deep deep, there is quite a bit of it in some areas making it more noticeable and not as mild as people first think. I did get most of mine from picking but this was mainly due to a change in acne. I started getting blackheads literally upto 4 millimetre
  8. The rolling scars are as shallow as they come but they arent my main concern. I have atleast 8-10 icepick scars which are skin colour now and whilst they don't stand out as much as when they were red, I would love to improve on them. I have a bad skin tone which I would love to improve on. I Don't understand why people are being so harsh though when I see other people posting on here with 1 scar and recently someone posted on here with 0 scars and flawless skin tone. Anyway thanks for all advice
  9. I am sorry to hear this mate, I truely am. I understand what scarring can do to you because I've been there and whether you can see them or not I know I have some degree of scarring. I don't trust retin-a for one second. Yes my skin texture is bad but the photos don't even show the full extent of that. If you say my skins not so bad shouldn't I be able to achieve near to perfection? Isn't that what we are ultimately here for I mean I see people with worse off scars then mine achieve better skin
  10. So I thought I'd finally add some pics of my scars in good an bad lighting. Any advice would be appreciated. I've been on and off the boards a bit over the past 2 years. My story goes like this, I got pretty bad acne when I was about 12-13 and did nothing for years. I was a chronic picker I just couldn't help myself. Funnily enough this barely scarred except on the odd occassion when I picked at a scab and this left me with 3-4 box scars and that is all. Quite unnoticeable to most people. Eventu
  11. I am in the same sort of situation! And wanting to know the same thing. Where would be a good spot to get a test spot done?
  12. Hmm did you have much deeper scarring? 2 Fraxel repairs should have yielded some good results it seems to have for others on this board. Whilst your scarring isn't bad, I know you are after close to perfection as am I. I have similar scarring and would have been considering Derma stamping except I can't have such multiple down times as I barely get many holidays during the year. If you could I would probably try that route but it is a very slow process but I've seen very minor improvements in so
  13. Just ask yourself is it worth the risk of making them worse? If yes I wish you the best, go see a derm that will happily snatch up your money
  14. I have little confidence in my skins healing ability after Accutane does anyone else feel the same way? I have rough skin texture, numerous scarred pores, box scars, a few ice picks and a few rolling scars but I just want to get rid of maybe 6-7 of my deepest box scars. Is that to hard to ask for I mean I'm not asking for perfect skin at all. The ones that do bother me most are reasonably spread across my face so I was thinking excision or punch excision but what type of scar will that leave?
  15. When people dont come back and post results how are we meant to know anything about procedures like this