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    leaves no film or residue, goes on clean. cheap, bulk size bottles. high quality & consistent. wish i could buy it in a store! Once I started using this BP, I never looked back. It has a staple in my routine for over 4 years. Every bottle I get lasts me at least a month (and I use a lot!) and the quality is consistently high. I don't know if I could live without this... seriously. I laugh when I hear people talk about Proactiv. If only they knew how much BETTER this stuff is
  1. Hi! I was wondering, do you have some recent pictures?

  2. Are you still using the regimen?

  3. heeyy :) your skin is flawless how did u get rid of acne & acne scras??? they're diving me crazy :(

  4. you are extraordinarily beautiful!

  5. Number1nerd

    The Regimen

  6. I was looking at ur before and after photos! U have amazing skin! Just started dans reg 2 days ago! You must be so confident! I know I would be if I had skin that looked like urs

  7. hey i waz going threw your gallery && ur skin really really really looks good now. Where u ever on accutante? let me know b/c im thinking of trying it since everything ele doesnt seem to work.

  8. Three new pimples on my left cheek near my mouth. One is huge. I hate it. I can't wait to start the BC again.
  9. Anger ensues. My skin has been clear for over a year now, thanks to Dans Regimen... and... Yasmin? I didn't think my birth control had anything to do with my success, yet after going off of it last month I find myself breaking out NOW more than EVER BEFORE. I have three gigantic pimples on my chin, a small on my right cheek, and some tiny ones on my forehead. Pimples? Me? What are those again? I haven't used the phrase "UGH I HAVE A PIMPLE!" in over 9 months. Seriously. What gives?! T
  10. wow your progress photos are amazing! Even before the regimine you looked beautiful. Good job on your skin, i hope mine turns out like that!

  11. Update - i totally stopped using Dans Moisturizer and my face went back to normal. I doubt it was a coincidence, I just don't think my skin responded well to that product. I also thought it was strange how a "fragrance free" lotion would smell SO strongly of cinnamon - it was overwhelming! I went back to using Neutrogena Sensitive Skin lotion and I don't think i'll ever switch again! I love your regimen, Dan, but I DO NOT love that lotion! (I'm still faithful to that awesome BP gel, though
  12. hi!!!i would like to know how did you get rid of your red marks/scars.

    Also did the aveeno utra-calming help you?

    Thanks!!! P.S your skin looks great!

  13. I think this thread is dumb - masturbation does NOT cause acne! The argument that masturbation is different than sex is even more ridiculous!