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  1. So, you two, how'd the weekend go? Did you both venture out? How are you feeling today?
  2. Hi you two, sounds like both of you are doing better, and feeling more optimistic, which I think it great. You both are on the home stretch:) I began wearing makeup as soon as most the dead skin peeled away. I just didn't need to apply that much. I actually liked the rosy red checks I had I tried to keep it light. I can say that I still had some small areas near my eyes that we're fully peeled yet when I decided to go back to work, but I figured that my co-workers would all be supportive about
  3. KS, Wow, I'm so sorry that you're having a crappy time with your recovery as well. It's such a hard procedure on the skin. So, you're at day six-seven...hopefully, your pain and swelling has subsided enough to be comfortable. Like I told Maggie, just let your body do it's thing, and don't peel...
  4. Hi Maggie, I think that's good to give your mind a break. Save your sanity! You're in recovery mode, and you're almost there. I know that it's hard to be patient, but the left side will begin to peel. And, in the end, it's a good thing to let it peel at it's own pace. You sound like you have a fantastic support group at home, and you are surrounded by those that love you. Keep living these next few days with courage, and know that it's almost over. So great to hear from you. I'm proud of you!
  5. Maggie, I'm proud of you for expressing your experience to your doctor. After reading your last post, I too would question her responses...It seems like there are many people out there that experience "a more sever reaction" or "your skin must just be more sensitive"...I think that is a bit of a cop out. I would expect a doctor who performs procedures of this magnitude to at least at minimum, tell their patients of ALL the side effects, regardless of how sensitive your skin may be. I think that
  6. From what I have read, this treatment is not the end all solution...just a painful attempt at one. If you have not had this done, please read my string title, "My experience with Levulon, please read before having it done". I have tried to be as descriptive and detailed as possible with my experience. This is a very harsh treatment that can have lasting results...and although some experience positive results, most just feel more anguish.
  7. Plo, Sucky to hear that it's all coming back... ...as far as having the money to do, go for it...seems like that isn't good advice seeing how yours is coming back, and the only thing you really have to show for it is a big bill... Best of luck -
  8. The beauty of it is that you can have it in a small aerosol and keep it in your pocket or purse, and use it when you feel dry, without over-moisturizing your skin...
  9. Maggie, My recovery was pretty even I guess, the last parts to flake off were around my nose and chin. I too had some of those red, blood spots. They may scab again, but they'll be ok and they'll heal. It's normal for the skin under is pink, that's how mine was. It's brand new. I was depressed about it too. In an attempt to alleviate the hell of having acne, we try something new and promising that gives an even worse result!! My hubby and family were all worried, but like yours, very supporti
  10. I began applying the next day. I was looking for anything that would provide me any relief. I just left in on, and gently massaged and let my skin absorb it. For me, it gave me relief for a few hours, then I'd do it again. Really, there is nothing in the receipt that is harmful... The skin that curls up is getting ready to slough off, however, if you can help it, try not to pick at it. You may peel something that is not ready, which would lead to yet another scab. I know that from experience. I
  11. I would imagine that when coupled with BP, baking soda may magnify the bleaching potential. You could always do a spot test to see how they will react together... BTW, white clay is great for spot treatment, it's very mild and nourishing for sensitive skin. Is there any particular reason you are using baking soda?
  12. Jojoba is a fast absorbing oil. It will not clog your pores, and will not leave a shinny, greasy looking residue. You have to remember that everyone's skin is different, and what may work for some, will not work for all...
  13. There are many different oils out there that clog your pores, Jojoba is not one of them. Along those same lines, dirt, grime, makeup can all be removed with an oil-based or creamy cleanser when used initially, followed by a mild soap, soap-free or clay-based cleanser. I use an oil-based lotion to remove my eye makeup, them reapply it as an eye cream.
  14. Maggie, I just slathered my homemade treatment on, didn't wipe it off. I was concerned that it would clog my pores and whatnot, but then decided that I needed to do whatever made my skin feel better, and I found that to be soothing. As far as amounts of stuff, I mixed enough gu to cover my face, approx half aloe, a quarter vit E, a quarter lotion, a quarter honey, and a quarter neosporain. As far as what to do at this point, you need to keep doing whatever it is that makes you feel most comfor
  15. This is REALITY with this treatment: Even though your doc tells you recovery time is 3-5 days and that your face will be red and peel, that is setting you up with a false expectation. If you have ever had a bad sun burn you know that the first day or two your skin just hurts; hurts to touch, hurts to shower. It might even blister, tan, peel, etc. Depending on how sever, the whole process might take a week or longer before you recover. Levulon with Blue light is even more intense and more direc