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  1. You're welcome! Strange thing has happened, the left side of my face purged at the beginning and now the right side is purging (in the 5th week)Good news is that the left is now staying clear and I don't see many clogged pores at all. I don't know if this is normal but could be something that happens to you too. Just thought that might be interesting to anyone starting out. I hope the regimen is treating you well
  2. It took 3 months to notice that the cystic acne was slowing down and by the 4th month it was pretty much gone. I still had whiteheads and broke out a little but the cysts stopped appearing. Also my back and chest were the best they have ever been. I've also stopped breaking out from the Ortho cyclen now, (its been 2-3 months) so that seems to be the normal amount of time. Hope its going better for you now! Sorry I took so long to respond.
  3. I started yasmin last January and for the first 2-3 months I was on it I broke out with cystic acne but then gradually it got better. I think this happens with almost every birth control if you switch because I just switched to ortho-cyclen (cheaper) two months ago and the same thing happened. Just be patient! I also started the acne.org regimen (only at night) 4 weeks ago and that has helped a ton!
  4. I am at the end of my 4th week on the regimen (started on November 20th). Your acne may get worse before it gets better but mine is definitely getting better now! I still have some clogged pores but they are slowly starting to clear out. Good luck!
  5. There are some good tips there that I saw.
  6. Dr. Songs Medicated Acne Gel 10% Benzoyl Peroxide from Amazon. Worked for me
  7. Hopefully the original post has found a solution by now but for anyone else that is reading this with chest and/or back acne I'll tell you what cured mine. I bought Dr. Songs Acne Medicated Gel from Amazon.com 10% Benzoyl peroxide and put it on my chest and back every night after my shower. Make sure you wear a WHITE shirt to bed or else it will bleach it. Anyway in the morning I would wake up, shower, and go about the rest of my day. in 2-3 weeks I was 90% clear. I didn't use moisturizer or any
  8. I had one question, how much AHA did you use at night? Was it similar to the 1/2 pump amount of moisturizer? I assume you use the full amount of BP now as well? (2 pumps or full fingers length) Thank you!
  9. Thank you for your response and encouraging me! I'm still going at it. I have three cysts right now that are healing so I'm hoping this is close to the end of the cysts. They are so painful! They seem to be closed comedones that turn into cysts.. I'm hoping the closed comedones will go away but I seem to have the same amount. I can't do much but stick with it but it's definitely tough. Thanks again!
  10. Acnerealllllyyysucks, I'm wondering if you stuck with the regimen and have had success? I am almost at the end of week 3 and developing cysts as well (I used to rarely ever get cysts). Just looking for an idea on what to expect moving forward. Thanks.
  11. Its been almost two weeks so it is probably just the adjustment time. I was just curious if anyone had used cerave SA lotion or moisturized before the bp with success.
  12. How do you know its cosmetic? I'm kind of wondering the same thing because I have clogged pores all around my mouth/chin that I think might be caused by my years of wearing makeup. Hope you get an answer!
  13. Hello Everybody, I've been reading things on acne.org for a while but I'm just now really trying the regimen. After I wash my face with Cerave foaming wash at night my skin is so dry that its painful to put the bp on. Has anyone had success putting moisturizer on first? If so, how long did you wait for it to absorb before applying the bp? I've been using the acne.org moisturizer but want to go back to the Cerave SA lotion because the acne.org moisturizer doesn't seem to be keepi
  14. I think it's working!

    My acne is mostly under control with yaz but around my mouth still breaks out sometimes with painful cysts. So I am trying ziana. The first week I used it every day and even with lotion my face was soooo dry and I had three super painful cysts develop. I think I overdid it big time so I took a break and just applied lotion for a few days to let my skin rehydrate and now I'm going to try using it just twice a week and work my way up ( I read about other people having very good results with this).
  15. Just in case anyone comes on here loooking for more recent bikinis that cover your upper back I found two cute ones: http://www.tillys.com/tillys/product/PERFECT-VACATION-Tile-Flounce-Crop-Bikini-Top/252912249 http://www.tillys.com/tillys/product/RVCA-Runaway-Runway-Crop-Bikini-Top/250917100