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  1. I buy through medsforless.com - the reason accutane is cheaper is because I buy it through a pharmacy in Canada. Talk to you doctor, that's how I learned about Canada's wonderfully cheaper prices. When I go in for my monthly checkup, my doctor faxes over my prescription with all the rest of the paperwork that is required from the website, and they mail the accutane to me. I've had non problems with it. Good luck!
  2. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin - it's 20 SPF and won't make you break out. The color blends really well and it doesn't make me look like I'm wearing too much makeup. I'm on Accutane now, so my skin is really dry, but it still works great. Before the Accutane I used the Neutrogena Clear Skin, which has 0.2% salicylic acid, and it worked just as well as the Healthy Skin.
  3. ...Pretty much, yeah. I just want the acne gone - don't really care why.
  4. HELP. I scratch my head and all this dead skin flakes off. It itches like hell! Are there any shampoos or something that I can use?
  5. Hey all, I just started accutane (finally!) four days ago. So far my skin doesn't seem to be any drier that usual, other than my lips peeling even though I'm using tons of lip balm (which is normal for me all the time - I'm addicted). When should I expect really dry skin? How soon after starting accutane did you guys feel any muscle/back/joint pain? The past two mornings I've been at work, standing for 5/6 hrs at a time. Usually I'm fine, but during both of my shifts I started feeling ankle pa
  6. Unfortunately my insurance SUCKS. The generic that my doc wanted me to use would have cost around $400 and that is after insurance. I'm going the Canada route though, so it's about $140 for 60 pills of 40 mg. I'm not going to pull out and go to a different doctor because the one I use doesn't want me on a cheaper drug. She only likes the one because it has shown the least amount of side-effects with the most results (compared with other generics). I trust my doc, she's amazing.
  7. I think you'll be alright. According to my derm, topicals aren't good when you're on accutane because the accutane is already doing a lot to your skin, drying it out a lot, and an added topical will just make things worse. Still I recommend that you lave your face alone from now on, let the accutane do it's job!
  8. My doctor will only let me use one kind of substitute prescription, and retail price of that is around 620 for 60 pills/month.
  9. Yeah, I'm in the US. My pharmacy and doctor said 1200. My doctor told me how to get it from Canada instead, but I have to wait a few weeks for them to send it.
  10. Oh, you know. Only about $1,200. My insurance cuts it down to about 400. HELPFUL. Not. So I have to get it from Canada where it's only about $120. Funny, because when I asked my doctor last month, he said for most people it costs $20 with a co-pay. NOT ME.
  11. I was SUPPOSED to start accutane YESTERDAY. But the stuff is so unbelievably expensive that I have to get a substitute from CANADA. Which means I have to wait 2 or 3 weeks before I can ever START, and then another few months before it begins to WORK, and I stopped taking my other medications TWO WEEKS AGO because my doctor told me to stop before I started the accutane, and MY FACE IS AWFUL. Thanks a lot, accutane. Now I'm afraid to go out in public again.
  12. I'm starting accutane in a week. I want to change up my diet as well, because if I'm willing to let the accutane wreak havoc on my body, I can at least compromise by eating well! Problem is I don't even know where to start! So, what are the basics? I want to start off by getting rid of processed foods, what kinds of foods do you guys suggest for someone who's used to processed foods? I'm a picky eater. I do like mostly all kinds of fruit and various veggies. Suggestions for meals on the go!
  13. You could probably use an orange, the only problem is that oranges don't have as much acidity as a lemon or a lime. But I don't think an orange would hurt, it just wouldn't be quite as effective.
  14. I have a water filter. That's why I said everyone tells me water tastes like nothing. It does have a taste. Filtered or not. Herbal teas are naturally decaffeinated, there's no chemical in there. And as for coffee, you just have to make sure that the decaf you're buying was made using a natural water process.
  15. I'm starting accutane in a month, and my doctor told me I need to drinnk lots and lots of water once I start because obviously it will dehydrate me. My sister started drinking 2 liters of water every day a couple years ago and she says her health has improved so much. So of course, I want to drink as much water as possible. Trouble is... I hate the taste. I know, people always tell me water has no taste, but of course that's not true. I can drink it, but the thought of having to taste so much w