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    how did u get more scars?
  2. yeh if the depth is like say one or two sheets of papers then definate tca wud help. but if its like 10 + sheets of A4 paper deep, then somethin else is needed i been told the nose is hardest to treat
  3. TCA PEEL wont do anything for DEEP depressions in the skin. Unless they are very VERY little depressions. i have same problem, no one on this board has any words of advice.
  4. tca peel dont help at all with ruff skin, unless you plan on wearing makeup afterwards. It makes ur skin dry and ruffer. It will probably help with lines and stuff, but not for the condition of the skin
  5. Yeh ROSS but u bloody have 2 wait decades to get ann apointment wiht him
  6. punch excissions are for really small scars like about a ONE mm in width (wat my surgeon told me). you cant do them on chicken pox scars, as they are too big ..... (you would need punch graft or a subsicion for that). I dunno though, my doctor sucks balls i need a good one in the UK, no such luck though
  7. He said have the $4000 grand peel with ur excissions :s He's quite money hungry though...so i was jus wondering if i could jus have the excissions on their own, and then have the peeling later on?
  8. Do u have to perform the punch exsisions with some kinda peel, like tca or laser? I had a few excisions before, and it left a little red line. So i was hoping this time, i could have the peel later on so to work on the little line left.
  9. Wat is the correct way to perform the injection? Do they place the needle into the scar? Or do they do it a little away from the scar ....
  10. Man is it really possible he is the only doctor people from the UK share experiences on? I am interested in punch floats or excisions, and no one on here is sharing reports on other derms OR ARE THERE EVEN OTHER DERMS OUT THERE!!! Bloody dr Chu takes months to get a bloody appointment with, even up 2 6 months!!!!!! I seen Dr Mansoor at lasecare on harley but he is a bit greedy man the way he talks about moeny. Not compassionate at all, but very greedy.
  11. how u get him 2 treat u on the NHS ?
  12. How long did it take you to get a consultation with him ?
  13. The theory that once a filler, say like Restalyne or Perlane, leaves the body your scar will be worst because its depressed even more. As the perlane destroys the little fibres under the skin and diminished collegen, etc Anyone have any theories? Does PERLANE or RESYALINE work on scars on the nose?