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  1. 35g of tretin-x, anyone? i don't want to over/underuse
  2. combining topicals is not good to begin with because they will either be EXTREMELY drying or defeat the purpose of the others. especially BP and SA together, they're extremely drying and may do more harm than good in the long-run. just stick with your prescriptions for now, i would say
  3. Oh and I have another question, while I'm at it. If I use the Tretinoin at night, when should I take my (once daily) Minocycline pill? Morning or night? Thanks!
  4. Anybody use these together? Just want to know how it worked if anybody has. Thanks!
  5. My friend has been using it for a month and a half now, and he says he has had maybe one tiny breakout over this time and his scars are healing nicely. Any experience with this?
  6. bump, i'd really like to see if anyone has. i was curious myself
  7. oh oh oh i get what you're saying now. i have never used it before, so don't mind me
  8. that's why i'm happy i got into one before my face betrayed me, and my girlfriend couldn't care how bad my skin is. i love her so much
  9. there are a ton of over-the-counter 2.5% BP's out there. Dan (and I personally) suggest Neutrogena On-The-Spot, but there are countless others. go to the products review page and look for reviews on many products.
  10. never tried AHA, but i've found salicylic acid does not work too well for many people, as some people i have talked to say it destroyed their face. but from the description of how salicylic acid binds to acid, you make it seem like AHA definitely would be more effective
  11. dude don't worry, my face looks almost exactly like that. lingering acne spots suck. just walk around confident and pretend like they're not there. don't let anyone sense that you're self-conscious, because then they'll just notice the scars more. and besides, i'm sure tons of other people are feeling the same way. you're not alone
  12. dude, seriously, i know physical parts of a relationship are important, but if she is getting upset that you won't have sex with her everyday, then is she really worth it? and you might want to tell her why (if you haven't already). if you have, and she can't accept that, is she going to accept other more important things that you have problems with? just a thought...