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  1. go buy dettol antiseptic soap. also buy the handwash, use these for 2 weeks and see if it has ANY effect.
  2. my freind this is not acne. im sure the DKR would work on bacne itself.
  3. go through my posts mate. its on my chest/shoulders/upper back too.
  4. i think thats PF because i haev the same thing. please read the sticky threads at the top.
  5. hope it works mate your scaring me lol ok so i used an electric shaver on my face my face went red and itchy as FUCK. and it looked like i had rashes on my face, after being in the air for 10 minutes they went away. sound like PF to you at all? i hope it is, i hate this bullshit i got.
  6. is what your describing a papule?
  7. willeh, no problem. these bumps, are they more visible in light or the dark? think i might go buy some of this soap edit - the soap is antifungal, and i can see why its helped you. have these spots reduced in numbers? are they becoming less visible to see? please share details
  8. little bumps? itchy at times? look like acne and have a reddish/browny base? could be PF.
  9. skin tiny bumps sounds like PF mate, check out some pics sometimes its mistaken with comedonal acne.
  10. no-one in my family gets acne my brother got the odd papule here and there and he is 16 i got the odd papule here and there whilst i was younger, and their were only ever 1 at a time.
  11. any updates? my best guess is a mix of acne and pf.
  12. white fox if you had this, is it more noticable in light, and then seems to be non-existent when there is hardly any light at all. and you must look fairly close at your face to notice it? i will buy the cream, do i use both together or?
  13. ive used strips and immediately after sa&ga and these blackheads and vanished took a few days.