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  1. DAY 10 Double digits. My relationship ended today, just a few hours ago. Not really ready to talk/write about it though. Face is pretty sore overall, itchiness continues, no more back soreness. C Song of the Day Title: Babe I'm gonna leave you Artist: Led Zeppelin
  2. DAY 9 Feeling a little better mentally today, although physically some side effects are really starting to appear. The skin on my body (especially my legs) is not dry but very itchy.. I don't remember experiencing this during my last course. It is sensitive to scratching and feels a slightly sore afterwards. My scalp is super itchy/dry and the skin on my face is starting to peel a little. I have developed 3 large, under the skin cysts in addition to a bunch of nodules and my entire face is cov
  3. i sent u a pm :) add me!

  4. Good luck with your course eva, you can get through this. Are your side effects any better? Like the headaches, rash, joint pain and loss of eyelashes? Those ones are effects you should definitely advise your derm about.
  5. Hi Bonnie! I would mention the vein thing and the wrinkly fingers to your derm, I have never heard of any side effects like that. Good luck with your course. And don't worry so much about the scars! No one notices them like you do, we examine our own flaws with a microscope-other people see our faces as a whole. Keep your head up and remind yourself of why you're beautiful. C
  6. WOW! Awesome improvements Whitney. You look great girl.
  7. Hi Lucas! Congratulations on your progress, you're almost there! Glad to hear you have no side effects. All the best to you. C
  8. Hi Again! That definitely counts, especially because green tea is very healthy for you anyway. How is the back pain? I experienced some back pain during my first course which subsided after a short while. Keep going strong!
  9. DAY 8 Today is a rough day, I am feeling extra down. I think I have started the beginnings of an IB, which I guess is positive as it signifies that the drug is working. However my self esteem is at a bit of a low right now and it is hard to look at myself in the mirror. I know I need to keep my head up and be strong, but I feel like I am losing the love of my life and that is making this really difficult. Side effects wise.. My scalp is very itchy and my skin is still pretty sensitive. I had
  10. Paul - Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I am SO jealous that you had the opportunity to see McCartney, I was never able to see him live when he came to Toronto. I too, would cry if I heard yesterday live. I grew up on the beatles, my Dad was an avid fan. Kind of like my comfort food of instrumental music Janski - Thanks for your well wishes! All the best with your course as well, I will follow your log Again! - I appreciate your kind thoughts! I will be sure to check ou
  11. I have an old bottle of the org's jojoba oil from about three years ago and I have barely used it. Does anyone know if it expires? Thanks.
  12. Also don't stress about your red/brown marks. They will go away, it took a year and a half for mine to finally disappear. :)