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  1. What is causing your acne? is it hormonal? stress? or are you just breaking out for no reason? Kept a food diary? stress diary? You don't need me to tell you that panic attacks do not help, so calm down, de-stress some how :T
  2. You have to face it - pretty much every girl who isn't pissed off, is going to be friendly if you are friendly. Friendly does not mean jack - did she say "Oh youthanasia, I like you so much, have my babies?" No? Well you probably befriended her and didn't make a move, she saw someone she wanted and went for it. Now it might be that she invaded your social circle JUST FOR THIS PURPOSE, that sly cow! As for finding other friends, and being "alpha" - if they are your TRUE FRIENDS, then you ar
  3. If you are a girl, it MAY BE that you cannot approach guys, you might do, but by default, even if you DON'T - you'll still get some, because guys will approach you. Now if you have bad acne, no guys might approach you, therefore, it's harder (=no attention), but then again the girl just might look unapproachable. Now if you are a guy, no one is going to approach you, even if you are clear skinned, they might if you are uber hot, but for most people, guys are expected to start the ball roll
  4. Since I got HDTV? :lol: Actually, sadly you'll find most people care about appearance without a regard to economic status, your ethnocentrism is showing! :) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7886089.stm Oh yeah, feeling the love.
  5. Why do you have to blame the person for their acne? There are only so many suitations where someone might have acne because of their own actions. Acne is there, it is no reflection upon their person, good people have acne, bad people have acne, rapists have acne, near-saints have acne, old people have acne, babies have acne, grand mothers have acne. Hell even fucking american actors have acne. That is the trival head cluster fuck that is acne - it ruins your appearance, without any reason.
  6. A lot! How can I justify it? I don't know - people spend lots of money on stuff that makes them happy, from clothes to holidays, whatever. Even though I'm clear now (stress still does it) - I could justify the cost if it led to a cure for a lot of other people as well, rather than just me.
  7. Well it's possible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloracne http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polychlorinated_dibenzodioxins
  8. There's no point in peels - just say you don't want them! What mg of Accutane are you going on? Is it warrented? have you found any triggers in your acne yet?
  9. What are they giving you for malaria exactly? I don't see the point of peels at this stage. I'm only writing a short reply here, because yeah it's what we all go thru.. have been thru, there isn't really any advice - some people get a good group of friends, others not so much.
  10. Every day you don't live, you'll feel less alive - and it will become just another day in the future that you'll fill with regret. Stop worshipping the ghost of your self in the past - that is gone, will you let the opinions of others stick to you and make you a statue? This shit is tough, no doubt about it - and other people don't really help, so.. now what?