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  1. Hi all i have not had reason to post on this site for a few years as benzoyl peroxide kept me clear. I am now intolerant to it and my skin has slowly deteriorated. A few days ago I tried effaclar duo and my face is now suddenly so full of blemishes there is barely any normal skin left. Only my forehead has more or less escaped. I have stopped the effaclar and am using dabs of Rosemary essential oil and sunflower oil which worked well for me in the past. I am just trying to treat my skin g
  2. Yes that's true but I mean the moisturiser didn't even really plump my skin up - I was still oily on the t-zone and wrinkly on my cheeks from dehydration. The presence or absence of moisture has nothing to do with how much oil your skin makes.
  3. I don't know why you would have a sudden onset of what seems to be hormonal problems, but I know mine have always been hormonal. Thanks to mother nature I got my first zit and period together and it has caused me absolute misery since. Sugar plays a major role for me too. I crave it like mad but just a lttle too much and I breakout badly. I had a look on the internet and there are so many possibilities for the cause of your symptoms. Were/are you under alot of stress at work or home? Is th
  4. Hi Missmissy Even if you think your diet is healthy it might be worth getting it checked out to see if you have been deficient in vitamins or minerals which are causing the hair loss and fairly sudden onset of acne. Are you vegetarian or a meat eater? Do you get enough essential fatty acids etc. However, on the subject of oilyness and blemishes, I urge you to try a 15ml sample bottle of Estee lauder pore refining serum (turquoise colour bottle). If it works for you like it has for me the r
  5. fudgefly

    Okay, so...

    As far as I'm aware, it is the combination of the certain type of bacteria which is on everyones skin plus a BLOCKED pore (natural sebum and skin cells) which creats zits. Jojoba oil lubricates the skin and loosens blackheads but does not actually block pores. Because the skin is lubricated your skin produced less sebum and you don't get so many blocked poes/zits. You may still have the bacteria but without a blockage they do no harm.
  6. Please see my post for Estee lauder pore minimizing skin refinisher. I only discovered it two days ago but I am already much drier than I was all day long. I forgot to mention in that post that it has no noticeable fragrance once applied (very slight orangey smell in the bottle) and is completely invisible so it should work for males and femals alike. Effect is istant it seems.
  7. One more thing. I have also tried the splash away foaming cleanser and that is great if you remove it gently with a muslin cloth, otherwise it leaves a thin matte film which I don't like. Stings in the eyes though so use a separate eye makeup cleanser.
  8. No I haven't tried that, but the sales girl recommended an EL day moisturiser for oily skin and I didn't really like it - it just made no difference at all. This evening I monitored my skin carefully and by now I would be a total oil slick whether I powdered or not but the fresh matte look continued very well - a little bit of oil breakthrough just as as 3pm today but really nothing worth worrying about. I really hope it continues and works for others too!
  9. Bit of background: I had managed to acheive almost completely clear skin a few moths ago for the first time since I was 11 (now 33). Then I got over confident and tried Argan oil (broke out badly), then tried to self medicate for the third time in my life on low dose roaccutane (broke out badly after 1 week with no change in oil production). So now I am covered in zits/red marks. But even when my skin was clear, it was super oily and since I couldn't risk more scarring from my roaccutane i
  10. I have the exact same problem as you in terms of oily skin and I have just discovered a wonderful product for controlling it. It's Estee Lauder idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher (not the other idealist one - haven't tried that yet). Have a look on ebay for a 15ml bottle to try it out, or see if you can get a sample fom an Estee Lauder counter. Seriously, I am shocked at how fresh and smooth my skin is and I only blotted twice instead of 12 times as usual. It is supposed to clear o
  11. How many people here have tried this one? I have the mineral enriched version of Rimmel Lasting Finish liquid foundation and I swear this stuff has actually cleared up my skin whilst covering unbelievably well AND being very transfer resistant. I have to mix two shades but although they look horribly pink on my hand, they look fine on my face so make sure you actually try it on your face.
  12. Okay, I am completely new to this board so I apologise if I am going over old ground here. I just have to rave for a minute about the miracle that is snail serum! I have been using a pure snail serum product for a couple of months and it is extremely effective at keeping breakouts at bay and clearing existing pore blockages. Unfortunately because I was importing it through a company with appalling customer service and painfully high shipping charges, I have had to order a different snail ser
  13. Has anyone else noticed that when they eat cooked meals, especially carbohydrates of any kind their skin becomes instantly more oily? On days when I skip lunch because I'm too busy, I notice my skin is much drier throughout the afternoon, but as soon as I eat, within 20 minutes my oil production goes into overdrive for the rest of the day. This doesn't happen at all when I only eat raw fruit/veg. Does that make sense to anyone else?