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  1. I think in about 2-3 weeks my acne was almost completely back
  2. So would the SA be used in place of the bp?
  3. I believe a full fingers length is how much you should use. Thats how much i do. A lot of people have told me that they started seeing results in 2 weeks. I'd say you should definitly see some noticeable results in 2 months tops.
  4. I know on the bottle it says it can bleach your hair so I was wondering if that's ever happened to someone. My hair covers my forehead so when I apply it to that area I often get a little in my hair. Should I be more careful or does it take a lot to change the color of your hair with bp?
  5. Here's a link to the products: http://www.danielkern.com/ And here's how to apply: http://www.acne.org/checklist.html Here's how to apply in video format: http://www.acne.org/video.html
  6. I like Cetaphil. My dermatologist even recommended it.
  7. Dude my face was the EXACT same as yours. Started in 8th grade and I still have a VERY small amount now (im 17). The way I got my acne to almost COMPLETELY go away..........was using Dans regimen Of course I still get a few zits here and there but my face is reallyy smooth. My only problem is that I didnt discover this regimen until the start of last school year. So I had acne for years and years that just wouldnt go away (btw I also tried minocycline and it did absolutely nothing) and it lef
  8. Why are you callin him out on all this?! What does it matter...this is an acne site it shouldnt matter if hes in the marines or not. Even before I started using his AHA I knew it was going to be the best because look at all the reviews! It's got the highest rating! You dont have to base it off of your own personal use...just look at the reviews.
  9. Im just going to restate what Malcolm said You have to do everything exactly the way Dan says to. Thankfully the instructions are very detailed and there are even videos on this site to show you what to do. The regimen worked absolute WONDERS for my skin. I actually went to the dermatologist the day after I started the regimen and they offered me accutane but I refused because I had so much confidence in this regimen. Im SO glad I stuck with the regimen and my skin looks just as good as it w
  10. Alright thanks so much! Oh and believe me the ONLY time I touch my face is when Im applying the products. Although school is coming up and I tend to spend a lot of time sleeping on my hand so that could change
  11. Well I guess it depends on where you live in comparison to San Francisco (where they're located). Im in virginia and with the cheapest possible shipping it never takes more than 3 days to get to me.
  12. As Brandy said, Dan actually does this himself. He said that it really doesn't change the product at all and it really wont make a difference to your face because your skin heats it up in seconds anyways. But he did mention that it's hot where he lives and it feels nice to put some cool bp on
  13. I feel like when I apply the AHA and it just pills up and falls off my face that it's not even going into my skin. So when the stuff JUST starts to ball up I stop rubbing it in and just let it dry. But then I feel like it's just dry on the surface and not actually getting absorbed... So my question is, if the AHA pills up and falls off, am I even going to get an effect out of it? Or is it like the bp where I need to keep rubbing it in until it feels like theres nothing on my face for it to