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  1. I'm on my third month of Claravis and haven't had very many problems beside dry skin and lips. Good luck with your course!
  2. I've been meaning to get on here and update, but I've been swamped with sorority recruitment and homework. I don't understand why teachers decide to dump homework on students right before spring break!!! So after being on 20mg of Claravis for 10 days, my dosage has been upped to 40mg a day. I've been on 40mgs since saturday and haven't really noticed any side effects besides dry lips and a few headaches that go away when i drink a ton of water. I had a little of an inital break out, but nothin
  3. Thank you for keeping us updated with your course! Your posts were very helpful and after reading your posts and many others I started my course last Wednesday! Stick around to give advice to everyone else! Have fun with your clear skin!
  4. I popped my first pill today! I had to drive 2 hours home from school and had to miss class today, but it's all worth it! I will be on 20mg the first 10 days then i will increase my dose to 40mg a day. After 10 days of 40mg, i will be bumped up to 60mg. How long will my skin start to dry out?
  5. There's a post on here that says ibuprofen is hard on your liver and you shouldn't use it while on accutane. Can you still take it for an achy body while on accutane? Or can you take Aleve?
  6. I'm starting my treatment in 5 days, so we'll be going through it at the same time! I don't know my dosage yet, but like you said when you pop your first pill you're going to write a log! I think I'm going to do that as well so I can keep track of the side effects! Best of luck on your course!
  7. There has to be some others starting around the same time!
  8. I am getting way excited to be starting on the 18th!!! I just made my appointment for my bloodwork yesterday! I only have 13 days til i start! Thank you everyone for the advice. I will keep everyone updated when i start accutane!
  9. I'm starting accutane on February 18th!! Anyone else starting around the same time?
  10. What kinds of questions do you have to answer for the iPLEDGE online thing?
  11. What products do you recommend for the side effects while on accutane??
  12. I am a 20 year old college student studying business. I have struggled with moderate acne for 4-5 years, trying everything from topicals, antibiotics, and birth control pills. Finally I went to a derm that prescribed me accutane! I don't know what dosage I will be on, but I'm assuming it will start at 40mg. My course will be about 5-6 months! I start on Feb. 18th! Now I just have to wait until then, which seems like forever! Any advice that anyone would like to give me?
  13. Haha, I have a derm appt on thursday and for about a week and a half i've been sabotauging my face too! i have been putting hair gel, sunscreen (the lotion and a stick version), hair paste, hair spray, hair mousse, not washing my face before i go to bed, not using non condemic makeup and lotion, basically anything that will clog my pores! i too have moderate acne, tried antibiotics and topicals and it seems to clear up right before the appt. i took some pics of my face last night and the pics
  14. I go to school about two hours away from home. I'm going to the derm in a few days and am asking for accutane. if i will have to do pregnancy tests and blood work, can i have it done at school and faxed to the derm? has anyone dealt with this? how did it work?