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  1. Yes, the itchy skin will go away soon. Hang in there. My skin is normal now. No matter how much bp I slather on. Give it time to adjust. In the meanwhile , use jojoba oil with your favorite moisturizer.
  2. Skin saver while starting the regimen.

    I already know the regimen works for me ,but somehow I strayed twice and had to start all over! Twice! First time was tough. I didn't know if my skin could handle it. Didn't believe jojoba oil would be any help. Omg my face was covered in flakes and I could hardly skin without pain. Second time around I knew better. I use the treatment only once a day and always use jojoba oil with moisturizer. I also gentle exfoliate with a face sponge, only because I knew my skin is tough and can handle it. Wi
  3. eq2008

    Classic spot treatment

    Classic spot treatment

    I imagine this as spot treatment for acne back in the Stone Age. It's antiseptic,anti fungal and anti inflammation, but you probably already know that if you've done your research. I get cystic acne on my jaw and chin area. Those bumps don't heal quick. I can catch it early and put ice and bp on it but it's not gonna do anything. Teat tree oil however , reduces the swelling and redness in hours. The smell is strong but I get used to it. I don't dilute it with anything because my skin is tough.
  4. It stop flaking for me on the second week. I was using Olay complete for sensitive skin with jojoba oil though not dan's moisturizer. You have to find a moisturizer that works for you. I hated dan's moisturizer.
  5. The regimen worked for me in the past and I got lazy. So I got off of it and my acne came back. The regimen never stop working for me ,but sometimes I get lazy and I want to try new things and he acne would come back.
  6. Here's the trick that works for my eye area. Before slathering bp on your face , use petroleum jelly as eye cream and apply around your eye area while skin is still moist after washing. This will seal the moisture and protect that area from bp. Works like a charm for me. Of course you can only do this at night. During the day , use eye cream instead.
  7. Use jojoba oil with your favorite moisturizer. I hated dan's moisturizer. It doesn't absorb into the skin. Its greasy and just sits on top of the skin. Something about it that's just not right. Dry skin is itchy skin. Use less bp if you have to. Let your skin heal a little before using more.
  8. Are you using the moisturizer from the site ? I use my hg Olay complete moisturizer for sensitive skin. I tried dan's moisturizer and hated it. Its greasy and irritate my skin. Not to mention it makes me look yellow. The treatment is perfect. Tweak the dosage if it's too drying and use a moisturizer your skin likes. I didn't have purging issue and my skin cleared up in 2 weeks. I have moderate acne problem. My pores get clogged easily so moisturizer is important for me. I never use anything els
  9. Well, I don't mind the regimen at all as long as it works. Better than having no regimen that works and struggle my whole life with acne. It consumes so much of my time when I have acne. It's crazy!
  10. If jojoba oil doesn't clog your pores, try using it by rubbing it over your dry flaky face, use a warm wash cloth to wipe it off gently and then proceed with the cleanser. I use this method at times in the first month on the regimen because of dry flaky skin. What moisturizer are you using ? I find dans moisturizer too oily and cause me to break out here and there so I quit and use my holy Grail Olay complete for sensitive skin as moisturizer.
  11. Nobody knows what the root cause of acne is. There is no cure for acne. Bp is great at prevented it by applying it topically.
  12. Acne doesn't happen overnight. It takes at least two weeks for acne to show up. The acne that you are seeing now is the finale. It began brewing under the skin at least two weeks ago and if you stop using the bp that is most likely what caused it. I think dans moisturizer might be breaking you out. I can't use it. It's very oily and doesn't sink in for me. I also get tiny bumps when I use it. I use the Olay complete for sensitive skin instead and it never breaks me out. I add few drops of jojoba
  13. Yes I agree. Everyone's skin is different and so listen to your own skin. I didn't start using it twice a day until week 5. As soon as I started doing it twice a day, I see a big difference in my skin right away. I also up the dosage on week 5. For the first month, I just want my skin to know what bp is and what it can do. The get acquainted phase. My skin is almost clear except for some dark spots from previous breakouts. It's fading quickly because of the bp.
  14. Oh I can totally understand the stress and frustration that goes with having problematic skin. I was on the regimen in 2008 and it cleared me up in 6 weeks and had kept me so clear that I thought I could stop. So wrong. My acne came back after two months off it with worst cystic acne. I didn't even know what cystic acne was until now. So I quickly went back to the regimen using proactiv treatment (I don't use the cleanser or the toner because I hated them) for the first month because for some re
  15. The regimen does prevent acne because it kills the bacteria that causes acne. Are you using enough bp at this point ? What moisturizer are you using ? Some of us can't use the moisturizer from the regimen kit. It's oil base and jojoba oil is not for everyone.