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  1. looks rule the world. The first thing a person will judge you on is looks. Sorry to say it but its true.
  2. The redness went away after like day off Accutane. Its just its day 4 and I still have really dry lips and skin. Although, it is really cold here in New Jersey right now.
  3. so is Kaila, damn who would think there were so many pretty women with Acne?
  4. I used to get chest pains the first month on tane but they finally went away completely later.
  5. I just finished taking Accutane yesterday, guess were all clear at last!
  6. Yeah, I dont think I really got the red face thing. Im Irish so my face is kinda reddish anyway so I didnt give a shit.
  7. I dont take Creatine cause Ive heard it affects athletic performance (kills your cardio). What about Protein powders? Can they have an affect on Acne?
  8. cause some prople have post that say stuff like "Uh, I have so many pimples Im so ugly!" and they have almost perfect skin..
  9. yeah, did anybody notice you dont get any gains while on tain? I started like 6 months ago and my gains have really diminished in the weight room.
  10. The best thing about Accutane is all the pretty colors in comes in, yellow, red, pink oh yeah and it gets rid of Acne too.
  11. the gallerys on this site have a lot of people posting their pics just so people can oogle at them. It seems that most of the people who post are quite attractive and just want poeple to post how hot they are.
  12. your a great writer though, you should think about becoming an author.