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  1. thanks, I figured out that I should be using the blue light for 20 minutes on each section of the face then the red light for 30 minutes on each section alternating every 3 days. I have seen positive results so far. I haven't had any drawbacks, except my face gets a little red after the treatment. Also the omnilux clear gets a little hot. I know it can be time consuming, but if it works, I will be very happy. I'll keep everyone posted. I have adopted this regimen: sunday night: 2% Paula's B
  2. So far, I've had 3 pixel treatments. It's been about a year now. Overall, I am pleased with this treatment. I think this is because I have really realistic expectations. My deep, ice-pick scars have remained untouched; frankly, if there is improvement, I don't see it, so what does it count? I have seen incredible changes on my smaller shallower indents and shadows and rolling scars. I know for a fact these have improved. I would give it a good 50-70% improvement. I had two linear scars that
  3. Wow! Thank you all so much It always amazes me how helpful people are on this board. Can someone tell me how they have incorporated taz into their normal routine. I want to still continue using a bha 2or 1%. I want to still use the benzoyl because this really has helped. I just got an omnilux clear u system (led) to clear up pimples using blue and red light. I'm nervous about this because I don't want to harm my skin by overtreating. Also, I read that you can't use sun lamps with taz. I k
  4. thank you. I appreciate the link.
  5. I'm considering going on tazorac (the gel because the cream version has mineral oil) I'm considering this because my pores are huge and I'm fed up with them. If you've used Tazorac, I'd really appreciate your feedback: 1) does it help to minimize pores? 2)is it meant to be used for like years (or only for a short period of time) 3)does it damage the skin? I had bad experience on differin. 4)can you use a bha alongside it? 4)can I continue to use my omnilux led light therapy without damaging i
  6. Hey guys, I just wanted some advice. I just purchased the omnilux clear u led device for pimples. Don't know if it works yet. The instructions are confusing: it states that you should use the blue light for 20 minutes. Does this mean 20 minutes for each cheek? or 20 minutes in all? Good luck trying to get anyone from the company to respond to inquires. Thanks for your help. Also, can I also use benzoyl peroxide with it (like 1 day)
  7. Dear Ciarra, I have had breakouts too; the last time I tried to limit my breakout by not using the products the dr. prescribed because they were too oily. So, the first night I washed with wipe off cleanser that she prescribed but then I used LaRoche Posay mosturizer (it has sqaulene one of the main ingredients). I reapplied it a lot; on the third day, I used my cetaphil cleanser and the moisturizer. I noticed that I didn't break out as much the second time around (but I still did). I'm ju
  8. Dear Ciara, Thank you for your support. In fact, I've decided to continue with the treatments so that I can at least know that I saw it through. It's also really wierd becasue this week my skin is looking better but then I don't know if by next week somehow I"m going to see the flaws the same way again. This is the reason why I hate to tell anyone else how to feel about their scars or even know with certainity that I am giving good and FAIR advice. I don't want to be one of those people who
  9. You did the absolutely right thing. These weasel doctors think they are god's gift. They don't realize that we are real people with real feelings. They probably think what the heck if I mess up one or two more scars, what would be the big deal? IT IS A BIG DEAL! Good for you, for walking out and saying you have to do research and think about it. If only, I had taken this route!
  10. Thanks for sharing that info. I think that using AHA/BHA acids over a period of 5 years made my skin worse as well. Also had a very strong peel done with good initial results, followed by a few months of new scarred pores popping up everywhere on my face. My face is in a pretty bad state as far as pores go. I decided to start a retinoid to help try to correct some of that damage. But...I've read some reviews online where people claim that certain retinoids gave them more scarring/large pores tha
  11. what is it? I don't know if they are now policing this site. I guess we can't even tell each other what we like or it will be misconstrued as advertising.... but maybe u can try again...what is the name of the product, its ingredients and does it work.
  12. I've never heard of chemical peels doing this. Kind of scary, are you sure?
  13. So, I've taken a while to make a post because I wanted to be sure of what I'm going to say. First off, I have to apologize to the people who have read my former posts (and may have gotten their hopes up.) In fact, the postings I made AT THE TIME was honestly how I felt. The first time I got the pixel done, I DID see results and I felt good about it. I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND. I can now sadly say that I can't perceive any lasting results from my pixel treatment. Granted, I've only had 2 pi