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  1. I just bought the concealer studio stick today in NW20. I feel it's a little too dark for my verry fair skin. The lady said it would add warmth to my skin but I don't wanna look like I have some weird tan. I really like the product but don't know about any acne or bumps yet. it sounds like you're allergic to the foundation.hmm not sure.
  2. I started taking Yasmin probably 2 years ago and right away I started getting these hugeeee veins by my breasts....I recently switched to Yaz because of my migraines and now I'm getting the same veins on my legs! It's so ugly. Have any other girls experienced this?
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  4. I love Shiri Appleby!! Diane Kruger, laura ramsey and of course keira knightle!y
  5. Im doin pretty much everything dan said to do step-by-step morning and night.....usin purpose bar cleanser, dan's bp gel, and eurcin(however ya spell it) moisturizer with sunscreen. im not taking any meds. i would just love for my face to be perfectly clear..well doesnt everyone
  6. my face is much better since ive started the regimen...i used to have blotchy ucky i mean UCKY red skin but now i have a really even skin tone. its just my past red acne marks and pimples that keep appearing.....i'll be really clear for a week or so then a few new pimples will pop up. this week was that time of month so thats why im suspecting a break out this week but...do some people not start gettin 100% clear till around the 8th week?? i deffinitly love the regimen(except for the constant pe
  7. i find the clearasil 10%bp ALOT less irritating on my skin. and i use about the same amount as i would with on-the-spot 2.5% bp. funny thing is i have really sensitive skin and im loving the 10% hmm
  8. the weird thing is tho...my face looks alot less red/blotchy AND smoother using the 10% bp. weird?
  9. i never thought of it that way katherine every day im trying to tell myself more and more that no matter with acne or without acne im still beautiful. and one day ONE DAY.......who knows when.......... it'll be gone.
  10. I bought the neutrogena 2.5% stuff and it left a white mask like everyone was talkin about....then i used the purpose moisturiser and it all balled up. it was soo gross. then my face was hideously blotchy and red. so today i decided to buy the clearasil ultra 10% bf and a different kind of moisturiser (cant member the name, it starts with an E..supossed to be really good) i was so down today cuz my face looks so awful. but am i still doin dan's regimen if im using 10%? i hope my face will start
  11. Yesterday at my derm they gave me a green CO2 mask. My face looks soo good 2day im actually happy this morning guys!!!! im gonna start getting this antibac peel once a week and see what that does...my derm says it really really helps. last night tho i pigged out..and no break out!? some ice cream, cereal, cinnamin roll, completely junk! and this morning im starting fresh on my diet--lots of protein..no dairy!! + this water thing caroline is doing. im so excited. im getting a chemical peel to
  12. wow this sounds awesome..i cant wait to start!!! im goin shopping 2nite 2 buy the foods that u eat. i really really hopes this works...ive tried about everything except for accutane which i dont wanna do. but anyways ill see how this goes!!
  13. ok im 18 and well ive tried just about everything from laser(which im still doing once ever 2 weeks) to pills to creams. ive had moderate acne since about 9th grade....i just went to my derm today and he suggested accutane which ive been wanting 2 do..but i dont have insurance to cover any medications. and he said thats the one thing he wouldnt be able to write it under my sister's name(who was recently taking it) or my moms name. so what am i supossed to do?? its soooo expensive!! ive been on