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  1. put on the Cetaphil cleanser and use tissue paper to wipe off the makeup. and then use the cleanser to wash your face again with water.
  2. I like this product too. enough coverage and it minimizes shine. and make sure u find a right shade/color cuz when i first bought it they gave me a wrong shade and it looked so ugly
  3. found this from Prevention.com it seems quite reasonable I'm trying it for the first time today and I thought I'd share this with everybody. Zap Zits in 24 Hours Your 4-Step Plan The Acne Cure is unique because each of the steps in the plan is designed to attack acne at every stage of its development. Here are the four steps. Clean away the old, dead skin cells. These cells combine with sebum, an oily mixture produced by the sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles near the base of your p
  4. no i dont think they have anything more than 10% and you'll have to buy the acne peel kit to get the solution too (kinda expensive...it's 45 dollars i believe at loblaws)
  5. I've been using the C&C black head clearing scrub for a couple of weeks now and the scrub beads are kinda irritating my skin. I was wondering if I should switch the SA wash to the new Advangtage continuous control wash. What's the difference between these two SA cleansers and which one do you guys prefer?
  6. Neostrata has a 10% glycolic peel system u can get from shoppings or Loblaws. (If you could find a Loblaws around you, get it there, cuz it's wayyyy cheaper than shoppers drug mart)
  7. I've tried the "virtual skin" liquid foundation from Prescriptives, I liked it, but there wasn't enough coverage for me. Now I'm in love with "Virtual Matte", I think it's the best foundation I've ever used, I recommended it to a friend of mine also with acne prone skin, and she loved it too! Oh and I like Prescriptives' "Magic Powder" too. It's a liquid powder and it makes the foundation looking very natural. and it doesn't clog pores!!!
  8. Hey there, does any of you know where I can find Brands like SkinCeuticals and Cellex-C in the GTA ? or any other brands that carry products like hyaluronic acid and vit c serums (for the FACE)? thanks
  9. hum okay i'm gonna order the bp gel from taiwan from now on. i am in canada now and i had to pay over $12 CDN (customs and handling fee) for my 4 tubes of bp gel. so not worth it.
  10. use a clay mask to get rid of blackheads (i'm using Origin's clear improvement charcoal mask) it works wonders... for me anyway.
  11. hey I was just wondering if you had to pay any customs/tax for the bp gel. and if it is possible to find any other bp products and stuff like cetaphil in Taiwan. My bro lives in Kaohsiung and he has very bad acne so i want him to try the regime too. thanks oh and I was using Proactiv too...I think i'm seeing some results. I ordered Dan's bp gel too and it just arrived today! but i'll have to go pick it up in the post office tomorrow. *excited*
  12. Walmart has the Cetaphil cleanser and moistrizer on sale for 8 something now. those are usually around 12 dollars everywhere else (loblaws, shoppers etc)
  13. i just got a bottle of emu oil i really hope that it will help clearing up my ugly skin but i was wondering, what's the difference between emu oil and vitamin e oil? don't they both moistorize?
  14. just use cetaphil. it removes everything...other than waterproof eye makeup.
  15. I was just browsing through the forum and noticed that some ppl tried PROACTIV and received no result, but only Dan's regime worked for them. Other than the price ranges, What is the difference between practiv and the regime? aren't they both 2.5% BP's?