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  1. ive tried everything i mean everything and nothing has worked but i got these new meds form my doc/DOXYCYCLINE with DUAC and TAZORAC. So far my face has cleared up about 80% in 3weeks havent seen it this clear for yearsssssss. At first it got clear then it got bad and now its goooood and im soo happy you should give it a shot.Goodluck
  2. my face has cleared up about 80% this is finally working after so long i recommend you all to give these products a shot. Ive tried everything and this is only thing that has worked for me good luck to everyone else i hope it stays this way.
  3. Hey everyone i went to the doctors around August 4th or so and i got prescribed DOXYCYCLINE with DUAC and TAZORAC. Everything worked amazing and my faced cleared up for the first time in years i was so happy for about a week and it worked so fast. but then after another week or so around the 15th-16th ish my face started breaking out again and now my face is almost as bad as before =[. I feel like i just got a new toy and somebody took it away i'm so angry and sad i dont know what to do. I dont
  4. i did however a couple days ago out of no where get a random 1 day high fever, dont know if that cold cause a break out or something idono but if any1 knows anything info on my situation let me know plz thanks.
  5. ok well by now my face has started to break out again im so mad i cant explain, its like giving a kid a new toy then take it away. I dont know what to do, im devastated right now. I guess it just cleared up bcuz it was something new in my body or something idont know, im furious mad sad i dont know im breaking down.
  6. Ok so its been about a week or so on the meds and my face has really cleared up about at least 70% this is amazing i dont remember my face being this clear in years im so happy.Im going to continue to stay gluten free a awhile and work food in slowly and see how that goes but i recommend these medicines to anyone they have cleared up my face significantly very fast and ifeel great now.
  7. ok so i went to the doctors a couple days ago and we decided that ima try out :DOXYCYCLINE with DUAC and TAZORAC. Has anyone tried these before and how did they do for you ? Im also going to be gluten free for a couple more weeks but i can tell within only 2 days of using the medicine my face is actually gettin clearer each day, but my doctor said it will flare up but so far so good .
  8. well i started on july 15th but for the exception of the spelt bread cause i was unaware but im still gona stay on this diet for couple more weeks and see but im goin to the doctors tomorrow then to the derms soon... any1 have any advice as what i should prescribe or anything school coming up in about a month wana get as clear as can be help thanks !
  9. ok so far my face is still the same... ill get it bad in one area for a couple days then thatarea will clear then another area will break out and it will never stopp... im going to the doctors then to the derm's and see what they think, any suggestions on what i should ask for and i dont know about this diet idono i hate thissssss =[
  10. wow so i just figured out the spelt bread ive been eating has oat in it which is gluten ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok so im gona go get some rice bread today hopefullly my face will start gettin better :]
  11. i haven't been eating anything bad thats the thing no cheats or anything all gluten/dairy free.
  12. Ok so its been about 2weeks of gluten free/dairy free and i also decided to Avoid ALL types of nuts and the Genus Prunus a couple days ago. Within the first couple days of this diet my face cleared up amazingly about 75%, but then after another couple days it broke out over my neck and cheeks.Then after another week and a half which is about now my cheeks are clearing up but now my chin is starting to break out and my nose also and my neck still has some. Has this happened to anyone else and is
  13. yes but im certain if this will work for me or not.Also has htis happened to anyone else? Where your face clears up at least 50% within 3 days of a new diet but then afet another couple days it breaks out like usual?
  14. Hi well i started the no gluten diet about a week ago and after the first couple days my acne cleared up about a good 60-70%.It was amazing and i was so happy, but after another couple days my skin started to get breakouts again.Ive been eating the exact same hoping the next day it will clear up but nothing is happening.Although i've had sleeping problems within the last week practically going to sleep at like 5-7am, Could this possibly caused it and i haven't gone in the sun lately either. Ple