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  1. omg I LOVE this stuff! its hella expensive but its SO worth it.. it protects your skin from uv, bacteria, EVERYTHING and on top of that it gives u great coverage for acne =) i get mine from the skin clinic but idk whereelse u could get it
  2. 2 years ago when I had a horrendous breakout, proactiv was my life saving product.. and then just 3 months ago when I stopped, I started breaking out worse than ever so I started using ti again. It's been 2 months and my skin is getting worse and worse. I'm getting acne on places I never used to have and its so frustrating. But my question is if I stop now and start using the regimen will it work?
  3. I started breaking out really bad end of freshmen year after using the product my aunt recommended me. After that I've tried many types of acne care products and I took care of my skin more than anyone but my skin didn't get any better. Although I was scared and I had doubts, I decided to use proactiv and my skin cleared and I didn't have much problem with it. THen just few months ago, I ran out of proactiv and I didn't have the money to buy a new pack so I just used Biore. Bad mistake my skin s